WhatsApp has undergone drastic changes in its interface and many have not yet noticed

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With the arrival of its latest update, WhatsApp has implemented a new interface change, which will revolutionize the way you communicate with all your contacts. Here everything about it.

WhatsApp has undergone drastic changes in its interface and many have not yet noticed

WhatsApp, the most used instant messaging application of recent years continues to improve its interface and only a few hours ago it has been updated and now includes an interesting change that has left thousands of users of the application surprised.

With the arrival of version 2.18.361 of WhatsApp, a meaningful change has been implemented in the application and then we explain everything about it, so you can get the most out of the most important messaging application of recent years, which It has revolutionized communication between users.

Thousands of WhatsApp users have been surprised with the arrival of the latest update of the messaging application since a significant change in the interface has been implemented and very few have noticed this.

What does it consist of? Well, it turns out that from now on all Android and iOS devices, when you establish a conversation with one of your contacts, the hours that previously appeared in a.m. and p.m., will never appear again this way. Why? Keep reading to be aware of everything.

As of the last update of WhatsApp, the hours will now appear in the following format: “11:20 in the morning” when you establish conversation in the morning; “5:00 in the afternoon” when you send messages in the afternoon; “10:30 at night when you talk to one of your friends at night; and “3:05 in the morning” when you send a message in the early morning.

This significant change has amazed some of the users of WhatsApp, but it will allow you to have a better sense of the time in which you have sent this message to your contacts and will allow you to better organize yourself to be able to take into account the time when you are looking to establish a communication with a user.

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Here we share some screenshots of the changes that have occurred in this type of notifications of the hours that have now been implemented in WhatsApp. Remember that this change has occurred with the last update of the application, so if you have not yet updated it will not appear on your smartphone

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