WhatsApp: Tired of being added to groups without your permission? Here you will know how to avoid it

whatsapp group android iphone
whatsapp group android iphone

After reading this note, you will learn to prevent your contacts from adding you to groups without your permission.

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On more than one occasion we have been invited to WhatsApp groups in which we do not want to be participants, that is why, the first thing you do is to silence them for a year and, at other times, to leave automatically. However, when reading the following note, you will find a way to avoid this big problem.

On more than one occasion, we have all been invited without our consent to a group of WhatsApp, so, many users do the first thing, is to silence it for a year and without the option to receive notifications. However, with this trick you can avoid this problem.


These groups of WhatsApp are created so that the diverse people can share pleasant moments, in many occasions they are given for groups of work, school or between friends of the same neighborhood; however, some people are usually invited without having asked them first.

Who has not had a partner who likes to create groups for fun? On more than one occasion this has happened to us and people usually silence, or in the worst case, leave, and then be invited again. At the moment WhatsApp does not have the option to avoid this; however, there are two ways to solve it.

The first option to avoid being invited to a group of WhatsApp is to tell our contacts that, first of all, they ask us first. Well, not everyone likes to be a participant in these cybernetic conversations.

The second, you will have to block contacts who frequently do this. When you are invited to a group, you will have to enter the WhatsApp chat, find the name of the administrator and block it automatically.



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