How to have two WhatsApp accounts on your cell phone

Some Android devices include functionality that allows you to do this. Know the process.

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Having two WhatsApp accounts on the same cell phone is possible. The option is very useful for those who use the messaging application, for example, as their work tool.

Either because you want to have a national and a foreign line, or because you use two different numbers every day, then learn about options to use two WhatsApp accounts on the same Android device

There are two options: go to third-party applications or make use of pre-installed utilities that come in some Android devices.

If your mobile has support for two SIMs it is possible that you can have dual messaging without problems, but this function is not standard for Android but depends on each hardware manufacturer whether or not they decide to include it.

The name of the functionality varies according to the cell phone brand, for example, to use two accounts in Samsung the option is called ‘Dual Messaging’; in One Plus it is called ‘Parallel Apps’, while in some Huawei phones it is called ‘App Twin’.

Once you identify the name of the function on your cell phone, the procedure is quite simple. Go to the settings section and activate the function for the messaging applications that interest you: in this case, WhatsApp.

If that option does not appear on your mobile, it may not be included. To achieve this, you will have to resort to the second option

Use an application to replicate WhatsApp 

There are several applications on Google Play, such as App Cloner or Parallel Space, which promise to enable you to have two WhatsApp accounts on your cell phone.

Parallel Space creates a virtual space independent of the application to be cloned, which allows other ‘apps’ to run inside it. You must select WhatsApp as the service you want to replicate and then choose the option ‘add in Parallel Space’.

You will then need to register as if it were the first time you have installed the messaging service application. It should be remembered that for this you will need, as always, to verify the phone number by SMS or by phone before you start using your other WhatsApp. Keep in mind that it is essential to have two SIMs in the cell phone.

One final trick is the WhatsApp Web option. You can open the WhatsApp web site from the browser on your cell phone and scan the QR code of another account you have on a second cell phone. That way, you will have the chats in your application, but also in a tab in the browser, from two different accounts.

It is worth remembering that this trick disables the other WhatsApp Web services that you have open simultaneously; that is, the application will only let you see the chat in the browser in a single space and will temporarily suspend the other windows that you might have on the computer.

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