The hole of the Samsung Galaxy S10 becomes LED notifications with this app

galaxy s10 led notification light enable
galaxy s10 led notification light enable

A few years ago, every mobile neighbour had a notification LED, but little by little it is disappearing from our lives. It is not present in the Samsung Galaxy S10, but you can bring it back, more or less, with this app.

From the well-known developer Chainfire, the same one who recently published Hidey Hole to obtain wallpapers that camouflage the hole of the S10, comes Holey Light, a new app that turns the border around the camera into an LED notification on the Samsung Galaxy S10, S10 + and S10e.

Day camera, night notification LED

The hole to integrate the camera into the screen of the Samsung Galaxy S10 is giving a lot of play. The same can be camouflaged in a wallpaper that uses as a battery meter, but here comes an extra function that some missed in the latest generation of Samsung’s high-end: the notification LED.

The app does not have much science. They are two options and a general switch. When you receive a notification, an animation is displayed on the edge of the front camera, as you can see in the previous video.

It is already available on Google Play, although not published, which warns that it is still a bit green. It is free and open source and has certain limitations, as it only works if the screen is on or when the screen is off, but the phone is charging. This is so to avoid an extra cost of the battery because the app needs to keep the screen on to “draw” on it.

Perhaps the most interesting is not the application itself, which has certain limitations in its operation, but the concept itself. Considering that the Samsung Galaxy S10 do not have LED notifications, this is a curious way to implement something similar. Will Samsung do it on their own?

What do you think?

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