How to restart Android in safe mode and what is it used for

Also available in other operating systems such as Windows, Android’s safe mode has been with us since the time of Jelly Bean, despite being virtually unknown as there is usually no visible button to activate it without further ado.

Whether you’re curious to know exactly what Android’s secure mode is, or if you’ve activated it accidentally and you want to know what’s wrong with your mobile and how to get it back to normal, here are the answers.

What is the safe mode of Android
The main problem of the safe way is its name, which can lead to confusion. Are you sure in what sense? The concept is perhaps easier to understand if we rescue from the trunk of the memories what Windows called it a few years ago, the fail-safe mode.

It is a way in which the system only loads the system and the pre-installed applications, leaving inaccessible any other application that has been installed by the user. This mode is easily recognisable because it shows a watermark superimposed on the bottom announcing that the safe way is activated.

What is the Android safe mode for?
The main utility of the safe mode is the diagnosis of errors. By deactivating all the applications installed by the user at a stroke, you can know if an application causes the problem you are having with your mobile or not. This can go from the mobile is very slow as you have forgotten the pattern of blocking/password of a third party app.

In itself, the safe mode does not fix anything but eliminates factors so that you can determine who is causing the error and, hopefully, you can correct it by uninstalling the application promptly. Note: although from the safe mode you can not open apps, you can uninstall them.

So, imagine that you installed by mistake a malicious application that puts the whole screen blank so you can not do anything. You could restart in safe mode and uninstall it from there.

How to restart Android in safe mode
Safely restarting the mobile is very easy. First, you must press the mobile power button until the power off menu opens. In it, make a long press on ‘Turn off’. The eye that is prolonged, that if not the terminal is extinguished and it is finished. If everything went well, a window appears in which you must press Accept.

After this, the system restarts and, when it returns, it will do so in the safe mode, easily recognisable by the text that is at the bottom. If you use a launcher other than the standard, the default will be used again when restarting.

To disable safe mode you do not need to do so many steps, but with a normal reboot, it’s worth it. The next time it is restarted, the system will be in normal mode, with all applications accessible.

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