Pixel Slate: images from the first Google tablet based on Chrome OS are filtered

Pixel Slate Images From The First Google Tablet Based On Chrome Os Are Filtered

This Tuesday, October 9 Google will officially present its new generation of devices, among which are expected the new Pixel 3, the new Chromecast, the Google Home Hub and a new tablet.

Google has not launched a new tablet for three years now. His latest tablet was Pixel C, and according to the latest leaks, his successor will be the new Pixel Slate, a new convertible tablet that changes Android by Chrome OS.

Of this unknown tablet, only its first press images have been filtered. The technical specifications of Pixel Slate are a mystery. The most important fact of this new convertible tablet is that Google no longer trusts Android in tablets, and bet on Chrome OS.

According to the images of Pixel Slate we are facing a large screen tablet, which would be around 10 inches, with a screen aspect 3: 2 with a screen resolution of 2400 x 1600 pixels. It would have a rear camera, another front, stereo speakers on the front and compatibility with a stylus. According to references of the Chromium OS source code, this new convertible tablet would carry the Intel Kaby Lake processor

The Pixel Slate would be put on sale together with a circular keyboard case that will turn the tablet into a laptop. This keyboard has a dedicated key to the Google Assistant. Surely the keyboard case and the stylus will go on sale separately.


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