Tesla fans blame Musk’s girlfriend Grimes for the crisis

Tesla fans blame Musks girlfriend Grimes for the crisis
Tesla fans blame Musks girlfriend Grimes for the crisis

Sexist comments and cheers because Musk no longer follows his girlfriend on Twitter
The crisis of carmaker Tesla and its boss Elon Musk should not be to blame for missed production targets, broken deals with Saudi funds or a burn-out of the CEO – but Musk’s girlfriend Grimes. This misogynist theory, at least, believes a variety of Tesla fans who insult the singer in social media.
Hope for separation

For example, the financial website Street Insider reports that Musk is no longer following his girlfriend on Twitter. Fans are hoping that they split up, which could “cause Musk to recover.”

As an indication of Grimes bad influence, they are launching a bizarre episode with rapper Azelia Banks, who had to wait for days in Musk’s house on Grimes. Banks then stated that Musk tweeted “on Acid”.

The hatred of Grimes is facing Musk’s ex-girlfriend Amber Heard, who has a good reputation with Tesla fans. “He gets a trophy and looks like a winner, so the public also believes his company is winning,” said manager advisor Debra Benton last year – the trophy is meant to be actress Heard.

As points out, this narrative is far from new. Yoko Ono was blamed for the separation of the Beatles, and even in the Bible or the ancient Greeks, stories about “evil women” destroy the success of men.
Investors watch love life

In the case of Musk blaming his girlfriends for Tesla’s welfare is absurd. As the humorous financial website Dealbreaker writes, “Let’s take a moment to appreciate the beauty of ‘reputable’ investors watching Elon Musk’s social media account activity to interpret his dating life and apply it to Tesla’s future performance.”

Anyway, one source for such observations is gone: Elon Musk now deleted his Instagram account because he “dislikes” the social network. Also from Facebook Musk had previously adopted.

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