Trump accuses social networks of millions of censorship

Seven tips to face the Trump era without resigning
Seven tips to face the Trump era without resigning

Industry would “silence millions of people”

US President Donald Trump has accused the operators of social networks massive censorship. The giants of the industry would “silence millions”, Trump wrote on Twitter on Friday. This can not be, “even if it says we need to keep hearing fake news like CNN,” he said. “People need to get a picture of what is real and what is not without censorship!” The president did not name companies by name. A statement from Facebook and Twitter on the tweet was not available.

Trump had already stated in an interview with Reuters on Monday that it was “very dangerous” for companies like Twitter and Facebook to censor their users. The week before, he had also accused unnamed companies also “totally discriminate” Republican / conservative votes. He did not present evidence.
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Previously, Apple, Facebook and Youtube had gone against the website “Infowars”, which was operated by the conspiracy theorist Alex Jones. Twitter temporarily blocked his access. Google removed on Thursday according to own data Youtube channels and blogs, which are to be in connection with Iranian state media. On Tuesday, Facebook and Twitter had also acted against misinformation about their networks and blocked network accounts.

The congress, dominated by Trump’s republicans, has become increasingly concerned about how tech companies deal with foreign propaganda. The US intelligence agencies have come to the conclusion that Russian hackers have tried to use social media to influence the 2016 presidential election, among other things. The government in Moscow rejects this.

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