Project Starline: Google’s technology to make video calls with 3D holograms

It is a project with 3D holograms with a high level of realism, which show you the other person in real size.

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During the Google I / O 2021 developer conference , the company revealed that it has been quietly working on a new concept ‘Project Starline’ . This type of technology seeks to revolutionize two-way communication from a distance with a 3D video calling system, but with the feeling that the other person is sitting next to you.

It is not a simple app, but an advanced technological project that combines holograms and substantial advances in software and hardware.

How does Google’s Project Starline work?

Despite the fact that Project Starline is a project in development and requires specialized components to function. This comprises multiple cameras, sensors, and microphones that serve to capture the person from different angles, in as much detail as possible.

To make this technology functional, all kinds of disciplines have been applied, from “research in computer vision, machine learning, spatial audio and real-time understanding”. 

“One of the things we are most proud of is that as soon as you sit down and start talking, technology takes a back seat and you can focus on what’s most important: the person in front of you,” they described.

When will Project Starline hit the global market?

Project Starline is currently being tested in some company offices. However, they hope that over time the technology needed to make this system more affordable and accessible to everyone.

Thus, it is difficult to envision Project Starline in the near future, in the mass market, the company assures that some of its advances will serve to add innovations to existing products.

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