iPhone 15 Pro: This is how Apple will solve one of the biggest fears about its new design

iPhone 15 these are the news that Apples flagship device would bring 2
iPhone 15 these are the news that Apples flagship device would bring 2

Users are afraid that the new button layout won’t work with cases or gloves on.

The latest iPhone 15 rumors circulating online suggest that the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max (or iPhone 15 Ultra) models will replace the volume control buttons with a unified touchpad with pressure sensitivity . This “solid button” or “non-button” will have haptic functionality and will react to pressure with small vibrations in order to emulate the sensations that a physical button would provide.

On the other hand, Apple also plans to remove the iconic sound switch to implement a small multifunctional button on the side next to the volume control panel. Now, the new design of the buttons of the iPhone 15 Pro has a small problem …

Apple’s solution to one of the design problems of the iPhone 15 Pro is casually filtered

When the first rumors about the arrival of the volume control touch panel began to appear, the first concerns or fears on the part of consumers began to appear: How to adjust the volume control on a touch panel if you are wearing gloves? And through a cover?

As indicated by MacRumors, iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max users will have the possibility to customize the sensitivity of the volume control panel of their devices through the Settings configuration . It will be somewhat similar to the Touch ID setup process, with the user indicating multiple pressure levels.

Case manufacturing companies will receive exclusive details on the design of the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max so that they can accommodate their products to the dimensions and features of the devices. So they will be able to make custom holes so that users can continue using the new volume control buttons as normal.

According to the latest leaks, Apple is working on various iPhone 15 Pro models with different types of volume control panels. One method would be a gesture-enabled button that would allow you to slide your finger to control the audio volume at higher or lower speeds .

Another method would be based on a touch control that recognizes or identifies different levels of pressure to adjust the volume of the device.

Apple will announce its new iPhone 15 during the month of September 2023 . For now, we will have to settle for WWDC 2023 , which will be held in June and will reveal the details of the software for iOS 17 and the rest of Apple’s operating systems.

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