Apple to release iOS 15.4 next week, with Face ID update supporting masks

The new version of the operating system will allow the unlocking of the iPhone even if its user wears a mask.

Apple stops selling all its devices online in Russia 2
Apple stops selling all its devices online in Russia 2

After two months of testing, Apple will release the long-awaited iOS 15.4 updates, which will have a variety of new features, including Face ID support with masks.

The tool comes two years after the start of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic and its variants.

The company doesn’t report the exact release date, but The Verge’s Emma Roth estimates that starting March 18, iOS users will be able to update their iPhones, interestingly enough, on the same day that the new iPhone 13 and 13 Pro are finished. In green, they start to be sold, which will already have iOS 15.4 installed.

The new version of Apple’s operating system brings a renewed Face ID, compatible with masks, which allows the smartphone to be unlocked even if its user is wearing a face mask.

iOS 15.4 brings a mask-friendly Face ID that allows you to unlock your phone while wearing a face mask. For the testers, the function was developed perfectly.

From the first developer beta of iOS 15.4, a leaked screenshot shows an iPhone asking the user if they want to be able to use Face ID while wearing a mask, recognizing only the eye area, which could be less secure.

It was Brandon Butch who posted the screenshots on Twitter and on the MacRumors website. Based on the screenshots, Apple explains that the “iPhone can recognize the unique features around the eye area to authenticate itself,” but warns that Face ID will be more accurate if you set it to not work with a mask.

Apple previously tried to address the mask issue by creating a feature that bypasses Face ID and instead verifies your identity using your Apple Watch. The new update should make the process of unlocking iPhones easier and shouldn’t annoyingly require you to repeatedly enter your passcode.

Other iOS 15.4 news

Apple’s new Tap to Pay feature is also rolling out with iOS 15.4, turning compatible iPhones into terminals for contactless payments. The feature supports payments with Apple Pay, NFC-enabled credit and debit cards, as well as other digital wallets.

Additionally, the new version of the operating system introduces a new security feature for AirTags, Apple’s item-tracking device. The update includes a notification warning users against using AirTags to track someone’s location without their consent.

Other notable features include a fifth American voice for Siri, which Apple has confirmed belongs to a member of the LGBTQ+ community. 36 new emojis will also be released.

iOS 15.4 is coming to Apple phones from the first-generation iPhone 6S through the iPhone 13 lineup.

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