Apple WWDC 2022: iPadOS 16, at last, allows you to work with windows like on Mac

iPadOS 16 inherits the main improvements from iOS 16 and macOS Ventura, while also adding new features to improve productivity.


The 2022 WWDC has started, as usual, with the main novelties of Apple’s operating systems. The Cupertino company wasted no time in announcing iPad 16, the new version of the iPad that has arrived to make this device a much more versatile and functional product. All this, moreover, while inheriting some of the best features of iOS 16.

One of the main new features of iPadOS 16 is the redesigned multitasking thanks to the support of State Manager, one of the best features of macOS Ventura.

Apple has spent years improving how users can interact with several applications at the same time, and although the version that is currently available on the company’s tablets offers more intuitive controls, it was not possible to perform some actions, such as using a floating window with a different format than Slide Over; feature that, let’s remember, opens a floating window only on one side of the screen.

Now, with iPadOS 16 and Stage Manager, it’s not just easier to access and scroll through open apps. It is also possible to adjust the size of each of them as if it were a macOS app. This allows, for example, to resize Safari so that it occupies only part of the screen so that the rest is available for another app that we need to use at the same time.

iPadOS 16 now also allows iPad Air with M1 and iPad Pro with the same SoC to use an external display in a much more complete way. According to the company, the compatibility will allow devices to be connected to monitors with up to 6K resolution and use up to four applications at the same time.

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Written by Rachita Salian


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