How to reset your PC or laptop to ‘factory mode’ without losing your personal files?

If your computer suffers from problems that you cannot fix and you want to go back to how it was before, you should follow these simple steps to restore it, without losing your files.

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Most users of Windows 11, the latest operating system created by Microsoft, do not know that this software has a very interesting tool that allows users to restore their desktop or laptop to factory mode, without having to lose their personal files, that is, you can return everything to zero and your images, videos, documents, etc., will not be deleted. Do you want to know how? Here we reveal all the steps.

As detailed by MuyComputer, a portal specialized in technology, this function of Windows 11 (which is also present in its predecessor) is usually used in case you have problems with the operating system that you have not been able to solve by other means such as having infected the computer with viruses or malware, feeling that it is excessively slow, among other options.

The programs that you have on your computer will be deleted, the only ones that will be kept are those that are predetermined. If you have installed Photoshop, Microsoft Officer, Premiere, or other software, you will have to reinstall it, after restoring to factory mode.

How to reset Windows 11 to factory mode?

1. Press the ‘Windows + I’ keys to open the configuration window.

2. Enter the System option and choose recovery.

3. Windows 11 will show two options: keep my files and remove everything.

4. You must choose the first option because if you choose the second, the machine will be formatted and you will lose all the images, videos, or documents that you have saved.

In case you want to sell your laptop or PC, it is advisable to choose to remove everything. Not only that, but you must also activate the delete data option. Although this may take a long time, it means that the new owner cannot recover the old files that were on the hard drive.

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As detailed by Xataka, a portal specialized in technology, the company founded by Bill Gates incorporated an option that allows Windows 11 users to move the taskbar from the center to the left, with the aim that those people who are used to its classic mode, have no problem using this new version.


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