Perla Mont and her impressive air to an Egyptian goddess when wearing a nice dress

The businesswoman Perla Mont surprised with an incredible post on her social networks where she resembles an Egyptian goddess.

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image 1 46

New York.- Perla Mont is one of the women with the most influx in social networks currently for both the Mexican and United States markets, the host, businesswoman and fitness girl has been in charge of gaining credibility through her publications and sample of results but also her beauty and great figure have helped her.

So much so that many of his publications achieve large amounts of reactions for the love and respect they have for Perla Mont and how could they not love her if she gives away many posts where she looks truly incredible, her gym work has been quite good and the results speak for themselves.

But of all this, what has surprised in recent days is its great resemblance to ancient Egypt where thousands of years ago the goddesses ruled that it has now managed to have an air with its most recent publication. When speaking of Egyptian goddesses, the first is Cleopatra , because Perla Mont’s style could be similar.

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Perla Mont’s publication shows her wearing a dress in golden tones that has as characteristic two openings at the top on her side and another one on her leg that reveals many of her tattoos.

The outfit is completed with some accessories also golden and of course her beautiful hair arranged, which really looks like an Egyptian goddess.

More than 5 thousand people have thought that it is a great photograph of Perla Mont, so they have left their reaction and clear many comments saying that she looks great, that she maintains a great body and that in many cases she is an example to follow. on the part of many women and some men who let her know at every opportunity that they are with her.

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Written by Leena Wadia

Linguist-translator by education. I have been working in the field of advertising journalism for over 9 years.


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