How to archive old photos and videos on Instagram

The social network now allows you to archive posts and uploads and hide them from others without deleting them

The social network now allows you to archive posts and uploads and hide them from others without deleting them
The social network now allows you to archive posts and uploads and hide them from others without deleting them

Do you remember your first pictures on Instagram, when you still did not mind applying filters to the images and uploading a little of everything? Looking back, or thinking about the photos you started with the social network, you may regret some.

If it were today, for example, you would think twice. At the end of the day Instagram is a platform that invites you to share with others what you publish and always want to give the best version.

If so, if you regret any image previously uploaded to the platform, for whatever reason, do not worry, Instagram has just updated with a new option that allows you to archive all those old photos or videos without having to delete them. This way, you can continue to see that content, but not others, and thus, if a photo does not “paste” on your Instagram wall you can archive it, but continue to keep it in your memories.

And how do you file for photos or videos? The procedure is very simple.

First of all you should make sure that your version of the application is up to date. Instagram confirmed that the function will progressively reach all users, so if you update your ‘app’ and see that you do not yet have the option to archive, do not despair. Sooner or later it will come to your device.

To find out if the option is already available on your mobile, go to Instagram and go to your user profile. There you will see a new indication at the upper end of the clock-shaped screen and an arrow that says ‘File’. At first you will see this folder empty, but, later, the images and videos archived you will be able to see them here.

Well, when you have located the photo you want to archive you will only have to keep it pressed or click on the three points that appear at the top right of the image and select the ‘Archive’ option. As we said, those photos will be sent directly to the ‘File’ folder and there they will stay if you do not decide otherwise (you have the possibility to reset them in your profile whenever you want).
Visible only to the user

As long as the images are in the ‘File’ folder they will only be visible to you, for nobody else. We could say that this is a kind of private album. The pictures are not deleted, they are simply saved in another ‘drawer’. If you want to erase it and disappear forever, you also have that option. The difference is that this last action is irreversible, you will not be able to recover that photograph, while with the option ‘archive’, if you repent you can always restore it on your wall.

To revert the process, that is, to restore a photograph that we have sent to the ‘Archie’ folder, simply go to ‘File’, open the photo that you want to preposition in your profile (or click on the three points suspensions) and choose “Show in profile”. At the moment it will be put back, in chronological order, where it was before, and without changing anything in your profile

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