How to send files to the computer using WhatsApp

A simple trick allows you to transfer documents using only the application and WhatsApp Web

whatsapp iphone
whatsapp iphone

Backing up files or emptying the memory of the mobile phone (sending or saving mobile files elsewhere) requires that not only the phone be used, but also the computer if you want to keep everything and not lose half in the path. The most common is to use a cable from the smartphone to the PC, but it is not necessary

An example of this is WhatsApp, which with a small and simple trick is able to act a kind of service in the cloud and thus save you the use of other external programs to pass multimedia content to your computer.

To send files from your mobile phone to your computer you only need two requirements: have WhatsApp installed on your mobile and use WhatsApp Web from the browser or from the desktop application.Well we explained how to carry out this trick.

The first thing to do is to make sure that you know how to use WhatsApp Web in the browser or, better yet because it is more comfortable to have a small application on your desktop, to download this tool.

If you are not sure how, whether you use Mac or Windows, you just have to go to the official WhatsApp page, click on the button that says ‘Download’ and follow the steps (or make the connection from the browser itself).

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