Do you want your Facebook account not to appear in Google search results?

No one will be able to see it. Did you know that there is a trick to make your profile go unnoticed by Google search engines? Here we are going to show you.

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Undeterred. Thousands of people who use Facebook were left speechless, after learning about the existence of a secret trick to make their accounts invisible, that is, their profile will not appear in the search results of Google or other search engines of YahooBing, etc. Would you like to know how? Here we are going to tell you in detail.

Privacy is a very important factor whenever we browse the internet. Especially when we use services such as social networks, our data could be exposed. Therefore, it is necessary to take precautionary measures and not make mistakes that may affect our personal information on Facebook.

In this sense, you should know that Facebook has a tool that prevents our data on the social network from being available on Google to anyone. That is, no stranger will be able to find you if they search for you through the browser.

How to hide my profile on Google?

If you want only your friends to see your photos and posts, you can have your profile private. But if what you want is not to appear in the search engines of Google, Mozilla, Safari, Yahoo, among others, you must follow a few simple steps:

  • Enter the Settings and Privacy of your Facebook profile
  • Select Privacy Shortcuts
  • Click on See more privacy options
  • You will find a section that says: How others can find and contact you
  • Among the various options that you can activate or deactivate, at the end you will find Do you want search engines outside of Facebook to link to your profile?
  • There you must deactivate the option Allow search engines outside of Facebook to link to your profile and that’s it!

After disabling this option, search engines will stop linking to your Facebook account and therefore it will no longer show in web results when you enter your username.

Also, you must bear in mind that what we are doing with this process that we have explained is hiding the Facebook profile in search engines such as Google. However, this will not prevent them from finding us through the search engine of the social network itself.

Facebook: what happens when you shake your smartphone with the application open?

Open the Facebook app and shake your phone several times. A small window will open, where they explain how this function works. In the same way, it allows us to write the problem and take a screenshot of the failure.

In addition to reporting possible bugs, this secret function gives users the ability to report bad practices that are being committed on pages or groups. If you see something inappropriate, you can report it this way.

It is worth noting that this feature is only available on smartphones, but not on tablets or iPads. Also, details that it was only enabled on Facebook, not on Facebook Lite, Instagram, or WhatsApp, the other apps of Mark Zuckerberg’s company.

How to activate the dark mode of Facebook?

Enter Facebook and go to the Settings section. This is in the three bars that are at the top of the app if you have Android. In the case of iPhone, they are at the bottom of your screen.

Once there, several boxes will appear and if you go down you will see the option: Your time on Facebook, where you can view the Dark Mode or dark mode tab. Select Dark Mode and another window will appear where it will say if you want to use Facebook’s light or dark mode.

How to know if an intruder has accessed our Facebook account?

First, we must log in with our account in the Web version of Facebook, then we access the Settings section, in the drop-down menu at the top right, and there click on Security and login. Within this option at the top, we will see a section called Where have you logged in. This is what we are looking for.

In this section, we can find out where and from what device we have recently logged into Facebook. It is a way to control if someone has been able to connect to our account. For example, we can see that a session has been logged from a device that we do not know or even from another place. It also indicates the login date.

Facebook: how to create avatars, the latest trend in the social network

Facebook globally presented the Facebook Avatar, the new trend of the social network that gives us the possibility of becoming cute personalized stickers by creating them from yourself to share in comments and even on Facebook Messenger. The option is already available on Android and iPhone and here you can learn everything about creating avatars.

Following the trend of personalized stickers on platforms as broad as Android and iPhones, Facebook decided to make its own alternative to compete with new proposals such as Memoji, Bemoji, Animoji, and others that have become very popular in recent months.

Do you want to change the font of Facebook and surprise your friends?

Facebook users got a big surprise after learning that there is a trick to change the font of their posts and comments. To achieve this, it is not necessary to install any strange program, just follow a few simple instructions.

It is worth clarifying that this trick only works with those people who use Facebook on a computer. If you are using the social network from an Android or iPhone, you can also do it, but it will be a bit more complicated.

What does TBT mean that is used on Facebook and other social networks?

TBT is an acronym or acronym in English that means ‘Throwback Thursday’ and that in its translation into Spanish can be understood as Thursday of retrogression, Thursday of going back to the past, or Thursday of yesteryear. Its use quickly became popular thanks to social networks such as Facebook and Instagram.

Despite the fact that Facebook users do not use proper #TBT, this tag was designed to be used on a specific day: Thursdays, which is usually accompanied by photographs taken many years ago or situations that marked our life.

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