Apple WWDC 2022: Follow today’s presentation live

Apple WWDC 2022 1
Apple WWDC 2022 1

When we talk about WWDC 2022, we mean the epicenter of the Apple world: it’s pretty much the only fixed Apple event throughout the year. Despite not being the most popular – perhaps here the presentations of the new iPhone take the cake – it is undoubtedly the one that sets the pace. The new operating systems that are presented at the inaugural keynote each year say a lot about how we will use not only the devices that are already compatible but also those that are to come. I am displaced in Cupertino to follow the WWDC22 in person and tell you all the news that comes out of Apple Park.

The WWDC22 Apple Event, with all its surprises

This year it also seems that Apple can surprise with news that could mark a new direction in the Apple we know, presenting at least its intentions to create a new development system for events in augmented reality. Are we facing the first step before the coming-out of Apple Glass? To tell you everything in detail in Applesfera today you will have a complete and exhaustive follow-up of each moment before, during, and after the keynote:

One of the most important points of WWDC22 is that it is also part of the final phase of the transition from Intel processors to Apple Silicon: with the presentation of the M1 Ultra, the company ends the development cycle of the M1 processors … Although there are still Mac models to update (or catch up).

Apple WWDC 2022: Follow today's presentation live
This is going to be one of the most important WWDCs in recent years due to the number and depth of news that is expected


And it does not seem that there will be few. Just a week ago Mark Gurman himself gave us the long teeth with what could be the new Mac of the new generation: a new MacBook Air M2 that could be presented in today’s keynote at WWDC22.

The last few years of the WWDC have been disparate: we went from the tremendous WWDC19 with the presentation of the new Mac Pro that finally moved away from the circular concept and the appearance of iPadOS as a new direction for the iPad to the last two celebrations only focused on software – perhaps also forced by the COVID-19 pandemic. Perhaps this WWDC22 – today – is the perfect time to return to the great product presentations.

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