Apple: Face ID will work even if you change your iPhone screen at a third-party store

The company confirmed that it will be possible for users to have their iPhone screens repaired at a store other than Apple.

Face Id
Now you can repair the screen of your iPhone 13 at any repair shop without losing Face ID. Photo: Noticiast

Apple backed down. The change of screens of the iPhones seemed to be a process that could only be done in a company headquarters. If the user chose to repair or change the ecran of their device elsewhere, the face identification function, or Face ID, simply stopped working. In other words, it was no longer possible to unlock your mobile device based on your face recognition.

However, on the last November 10, the company founded by Steve Jobs retracted and announced to the public that this would no longer happen. Rather, consumers of the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro would be free to take their devices to other repair shops without worrying about the facial recognition tool is disabled.

Before this release, users who needed to fix the screens of their iPhone 13 or 13 Pro could take them to unofficial technical services at the risk of losing, possibly forever, Apple’s famous Face ID tool.

As reported by Smart Life, this was due to the fact that technology repair stores external to Apple did not have the necessary system to reactivate the function due to budget and accessibility reasons.

It turns out that there is a small chip in the cable that connects the screen to the motherboard that, when removed from its place even by one centimeter, prevented facial recognition from continuing to function normally.

Upon learning of this, multiple users accused Apple of wanting to force them to use only the ecosystem of authorized partners with the company to deal with such hardware problems.

However, this is over, since Apple informed that said chip may not be essential for the correct performance of the biometric sensor and that it will be possible to take the devices to unofficial repair shops.


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