PSG vs Lyon live online today the Ligue 1 match; live result

Psg vs lyon telecast
Psg vs lyon telecast

Live score: PSG 0-0 Lyon | Ligue 1 – Round 6

PSG 0-0 Lyon | 51 ‘| Nice free-kick for PSG. Paquetá lowered Neymar. Although the distance is considerable. Neymar shot he went very high.

PSG 0-0 Lyon | 49 ‘| Di María’s offensive hand, PSG misses a great opportunity.

PSG 0-0 Lyon | 47 ‘| They quickly disarm Messi, Lyon started motivated and beat the man quickly.


PSG do not score in the first half for the first time in the campaign

For the first time in the Ligue 1 season, PSG went blank in the first half. The trident combined with Di María failed to beat Lopes. Will the story change in the plugin?

PSG 0-0 Lyon | 45 +3 ‘| At halftime, PSG and Lyon are drawn.

PSG 0-0 Lyon | 45 +2 ‘| PSG is still very close to the goal. Now Mbappé hit him very deviant.

PSG 0-0 Lyon | 45 ‘| Very weak shot from Paquetá and catches Donnarumma without problems. Three were added.

PSG 0-0 Lyon | 44 ‘| Counterattack that Shaqiri orchestrated but in the end, the opportunity was lost at Guimaraes’ feet.

PSG 0-0 Lyon | 42 ‘| Corner kick rejected by the visiting defence. The game is played on the Lyon field.

PSG 0-0 Lyon | 40 ‘| We reached 40 minutes. PSG looks unbalanced but it is enough to be closer to scoring.

PSG 0-0 Lyon | 38 ‘| The moment is once again for PSG, now a long stroke for Messi but it ends up in the hands of Lopes after an exit.

PSG 0-0 Lyon | 36 ‘| UFFFFFF! Messi fired and the ball hit the hairpin.

PSG 0-0 Lyon | 34 ‘| Neymar is lowered when he was heading to the area. The Brazilian is touched after the crash.

PSG 0-0 Lyon | 33 ‘| Free kick for PSG after a foul by Caqueret.

PSG 0-0 Lyon | 32 ‘| NOOOOOOOO! Lopes takes away the goal sung from Messi. He sent the corner kick.

PSG 0-0 Lyon | 30 ‘| Ekambi’s shot that ends up in the goalkeeper’s man. PSG continues in complications.

PSG 0-0 Lyon | 28 ‘| Gigi recovers but Lyon improves and takes control in the middle of the field.

PSG 0-0 Lyon | 26 ‘| Donnarumma’s reckless departure from Boateng. Both players are taken care of.

PSG 0-0 Lyon | 25 ‘| Messi knocks down Paquetá and there is a free-kick.

PSG 0-0 Lyon | 24 ‘| Good sacrifice on the part of the full-backs when they join the attack, Lyon puts the defensive area in trouble. Pochettino should adjust soon.

PSG 0-0 Lyon | 22 ‘| Lyon’s line does not end up giving up, they just contain PSG that threatens centres with just enough.

PSG 0-0 Lyon | 19 ‘| Neymar, perhaps the weakest for now. The Brazilian is not as plugged in as the rest on offence. Paquetá does not settle to leave cleanly.

PSG 0-0 Lyon | 17 ‘| PSG’s offence is very connected, just Di María almost got a big diagonal but it contained the goal.

PSG 0-0 Lyon | 14 ‘| Now Lyon is a little more animated, but has problems to overcome the three quarters. Herrera of the correct duel.

PSG 0-0 Lyon | 12 ‘| Pair of consecutive equine shots for Lyon, with complications the defence rejects.

PSG 0-0 Lyon | 10 ‘| Ander Herrera weaves fine and helps to lead PSG. Just Neymar could not overflow fully after a great change of front.

PSG 0-0 Lyon | 07 ‘| Di María stays on the edge of the red and with a tremendous iron is reprimanded.

PSG 0-0 Lyon | 05 ‘| Great move by Messi that ends in a corner kick. Associates well with Di Maria. The corner kick did not progress.

PSG 0-0 Lyon | 03 ‘| PSG advances through the middle without complications and puts Lyon in danger


14:45 ET | PSG vs Lyon: What do the bets say for this match?

With PSG’s ‘Fantastic Four’, Pochetino’s team is the undisputed favourite. With odds of -350, the bookmakers revalidate the undefeated millionaire team. The tie pays +500 in various casinos and Lyon has up to +850 on the betting lines.

These are the teams that go as starters. Donnarumma is the titular tonight in the Park of the Princes.

XI of PSG | Donnarumma; Kimpembe, Marquinhos, Kehrer, Nuno Mendes; Herrera, Gueye; Messi, Mbappé, Neymar, Di María.

XI of Lyon | Lopes, Gusto, Boateng, Denayer, Emerson, Caqueret, Guimaraes, Shaqiri, Paquetá, Toko Ekambi, Slimani.


13:50 ET | Messi’s elegance upon arrival at the Parc des Princes

This is how Leo arrived at the Park of the Princes. The player showed his elegance and hopes to have a great match today.


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