Tips for maintaining a long-distance relationship

Is your partner far? Do not worry, tips to cope with the separation

Does intimacy between friends strengthen friendship
Does intimacy between friends strengthen friendship

Romantic relationships from a distance are possible. Not only are they, but they proliferate. This situation of a physical distance separating two lovers maintains the passion in an exclusivist and ardent way. There is no place in the mind, the libido and the heart of the lover for anything other than the object of his love.

Meet the couple in the distance
The world is not bigger than before, but the distances are shorter.

Globalization has caused millions of people to migrate constantly and settle in places far away from their countries of origin.

It is not uncommon for migrants to join similar cultural groups in these voluntary exiles. Other times this is not entirely satisfactory, relations with the people of the host country are not what one expected because the differences in interests are great.

On a trip to visit the country of origin, in a sporadic meeting of the community of the country, or simply online , we can meet the person who blows our hearts.

Falling in love with the clock
These relationships usually start with an intense crush. The other dazzles you, everything revolves around your person. So far it is the same as with any other relationship, but there is an extra addition. Know in advance that you have to separate yourself from that person who means everything to you.

Rising love is lived with passion and anguish. It’s a bittersweet feeling. It will be lost on a certain date, what has been found. It is for this reason that these crushes tend to go out of proportion. Everything is more intense since you want to live several stages together, enjoy the other to the fullest.

Idealization of the other when it is not
The moment of separation comes for whatever reason. Everyone returns to their place of origin. One of the two has to be absent. They do not know each other personally, but a virtual sentimental relationship has begun.

Not being able to share everyday things with the beloved, not being able to touch them, satisfying the desire to be close, makes the desire to do these things increase. Imagine that the distance, instead of moving away (at least at the beginning), enhances the desire to be with the other.

By not sharing daily life , small things, we can not know the virtues and defects of the object of our love. Your profile is frozen, idealized at that moment that you could share. You can not see those little traits so human that make falling in love give way to true love.

The strength of love despite the distance
All of the above does not mean that couples who have to go through a period of separation are destined to fail. Separate time works very well in another sense. The introspection of each and the deep communication.

As we can not be with the other, but we want it with despair in our lives, we begin to look for ways to communicate at all levels.

The chat, the text messages, the emails, the videoconferences, the telephone calls. Everything is used to inform and learn about the most minute details about the person you love.

You can not see, smell, touch, touch or listen as if you were at your partner’s side. Then you become more creative to fill this gap in the best way. There is more time to know the tastes, the thoughts, the philosophy of life of the other, without distractions of being physically together.

Tips to keep a couple at a distance
The couple must have an approximate but accurate date of reunion. The period of separation must have an end, a real goal that makes the effort have its purpose.

Think of your partner as much as you want but do not obsess. Enrich your life with other activities, fill yourself with energy. So you’ll have to count when you communicate.
Do not let the sadness of separation make you abandon yourself. Do not stop taking care of yourself. Think about being in shape, dazzling, when the reunion arrives.

It is normal for you to talk a lot about that person who is not there. It is the axis of your thoughts … but others do not see it. For a time they will listen to you with patience but it is logical that afterwards they vanish from the priorities of all those who are not you. Do not get angry with your loved ones and friends even if you feel misunderstood.
Establish a communication system that satisfies both. It can be a daily call, text messages during the day, or more sporadically. Try to be faithful to the schedule and do not despair if the other is missing from time to time. It may happen that the planned routine is interrupted for a sudden reason. Keep calm.

Nowadays we can enjoy free video-conferences from the computer. It is an excellent opportunity to see and listen to the other. Facial expressions when we talk are much more important, sometimes, than the same words. You can also see their surroundings and meet their friends. This system is like a “little window” to the reality of the other.
Let your partner know how you feel. She loves You. If you are sad, show it to them, if you are happy, let them know. In this way, the other will feel free to really communicate with you and share their experiences of truth. This is very important for the union of a couple.

There is virtual sex . It is not the same, it is true, but you can try several things to maintain this aspect of the intimacy of the couple. And get some sexual pressure too. You can use the video conference, since you see and listen to your partner. You can use telephone sex, remember that the voice and the word can be highly erotic. You can record on video or take special photos for the other. Beware of this, you should send this type of material always with notice and to an absolutely safe address.

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