What You Should Not Say To A Man When Starting A Relationship

Avoid these issues at the beginning of a relationship

What You Should Not Say To A Man When Starting A Relationship
What You Should Not Say To A Man When Starting A Relationship

It is a good idea to go slowly with a man at the beginning of a relationship. They get excited easily when they meet a woman they like. They have no qualms about showing their enthusiasm or showing it at all times. They think about it, they want to be by their side and they do not repress themselves. And that, the women flatter us very much.

But the truth is that they can get tired of the new “toy” with the same ease, if they see or intuit something in their new girlfriend that does not convince them or turn on their alerts.

And this is not always fair, since many times an idealized image of the woman is created and they retire as soon as they discover a supposed failure.

The art of going slowly
That’s why an intelligent woman knows how to go slowly and make it clear that she is not someone to play with. The best way to do it is to be sincere and honest, without pretending to look better than you are or giving a false image to please your man.

It is important that you be careful and do not devalue yourself, giving excessive importance to your fears and defects, showing you your worst face. Learn to be assertive and give more importance to everything positive you have, to create a relationship based on trust, generosity, the possibility of growing and expanding.

If you have not had much time with him and you want the relationship to have a future, take note of the 8 things that you should not tell a man at the beginning of a relationship.

Talk about your ex- Forget it, unless you have to tell her that you’ve been married or that you want to go slowly because your last relationship broke your heart. But do not give details and never praise them being with your current partner. If they are continuously present in your conversation, for your current partner will not be your ex, but your competitors. And you, someone who is not trustworthy.

Confess that you are tired of being so self-sufficient -This is a sensitive issue. Many women, however much they enjoy and value their independence and career, wish with all their soul to found a family . But do not go tell that boy that you still do not know well that you’re dying to have a husband and children. It is one thing for men to want to work so that their family does not lack anything. Another, that they be forced to adopt the role of “providers”.

Crush him with your “horrible” physical defects -If you want to strengthen your self-esteem, learn to step over them. Think that he likes you, therefore you do not find horrible defects, and although you are not perfect you seem very sexy. And the more you like yourself, the more you will like him. They love women who know how to enjoy their body and sensuality .

Criticizing people – You may think that helps you to look intelligent and sharp, but the truth is that he will feel threatened by your sharp tongue and convinced that you will not soon be skinning him too. Be especially careful not to criticize your colleagues, your friends and of course your family.

Showing too much attachment for money – Beware of insisting too much that you do not have money or looking for a man who has it. He will think you are using him to pay your bills and your whims. And the better placed you are, the more suspicious you will be. Try to give the image of an economically independent person who knows how to enjoy life with or without money, and you will earn their respect.

Overwhelm you with your problems -although tempting, try not to talk at all times about your problems of self – esteem , your traumas, your family secrets … It’s not about being frivolous or superficial, but about concentrating on topics and topics of conversation that are pleasant for Both of them and help them get to know each other and feel complicit. The rest … your time will come. First they need to know each other and trust each other.

Complain about your work -And how horrible the company is, and your boss, and your frightening colleagues. Why should not you? For the same reasons as the previous two points. However, remember that we are human and unhook when you need it … for a short time and changing the subject immediately to move to a more animated one.

Show yourself insecure -Never tell her you feel insignificant, weak or unworthy. Remember that he does not know you well yet and will see what you show from you. A confident woman is very, very attractive.

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What You Should Not Say To A Man When Starting A Relationship

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