50 Relationship Quotes to Reignite Your Love

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couple staring in each others eyes 1024x683

The dictionary of the Spanish Royal Academy defines the word refrain as “acute and sentential saying of common use”. It is considered a type of popular wisdom of anonymous origin. That is, no one could say who invented the most popular sayings, but the truth is that they have passed from mouth to mouth for countless generations.

And they abound in universal literary works such as Don Quixote , where Sancho Panza used many of these popular “sentences” in his conversations with the mad knight errant. Many of them have reached our days. And of course, among the best known there are countless sayings that refer to love, the couple, feelings, marriage, desire, indifference, infidelities or weddings.

Here you have a selection of 50 of these popular sayings that so many times help explain, understand or overcome a daily situation with few and accurate words.

Of course, we have discarded the majority of typically macho sayings, which unfortunately there are too many and we believe that they do not deserve to endure. Surely you identify with more than one, or you find in them the right advice so that your best friend finally decides to leave that boyfriend who does not suit you.

  1. A love unrequited, absence and forgetfulness.
  2. A nail drives out another nail.
  3. A wedding or baptized, do not go without being called.
  4. Love is the wine that soon becomes vinegary.
  5. Cold hands, warm heart.
  6. Who the ugly loves, beautiful it seems.
  7. Where the heart bows, the foot walks.
  8. Lucky in the game, miserable in loves.
  9. A nail drives out another nail.
  10. Last water does not move mill.
  11. Birds of a feather flock together.
  12. The scalding cat, cold water runs away.
  13. A needle good thread, and the wife good husband.
  14. Works are loves and not good reasons.
  15. Loving is time lost if it is not reciprocated.
  16. Love is the wine that soon becomes vinegary.
  17. Irresolute love, a lot of flowers and little fruit.
  18. Love with love heals.
  19. Crazy love, I for you, and you for another.
  20. There is no Saturday without sun, no girl without love or old without pain.
  21. Love for letters are false promises.
  22. Full belly happy heart.
  23. Marry and sleep, very slowly you have to think.
  24. The jealous husband never has rest.
  25. When poverty comes through the door, love jumps out the window.
  26. Out of sight, out of mind.
  27. Who loves war, does not want peace.
  28. From love to hate there is only one step.
  29. Two who sleep on the same mattress, become of the same condition.
  30. Where you live, do not fall in love.
  31. Love comes in with songs and comes out with crying.
  32. The married house wants.
  33. There is no moon like January, nor love like the first.
  34. The groom and the fish, fresh must be.
  35. He who loves a married woman can die of goring.
  36. Between husband and wife, no one should meddle.
  37. There are loves that kill.
  38. The young men give love, the mature ones spend and the old disgust.
  39. The bride and groom are like the boys, they leave and others come.
  40. The eyes pry it , and the heart desires it.
  41. Moza married to an old man, poorly even; waiter married to an old, bad partner.
  42. Not April without flowers, or youth without loves.
  43. No wedding without song, no death without weeping.
  44. Where there was fire there are always ashes.
  45. With you, bread and onion.
  46. Rencillas between lovers, greater love than before.
  47. Never missing a broken for a rip.
  48. Leave the meat for a month and she will leave you three.
  49. There is no pot so ugly that it does not find its covert.
  50. Whoever does not have a mother-in-law or a brother-in-law is well married.

What do you think?

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