5 tips to surprise your partner and rekindle the passion in your relationship to the Desire Resort style

It is common that over the years, between couples a state of passivity arises in which daily activities and responsibilities are taking away the land of desire, romantic gestures and games of seduction to second place. Considering the above, Desire Resorts , the exclusive brand of resorts for couples in Riviera Maya, which for more than 15 years offers unique experiences focused on couples, offers five tips to surprise your partner and rekindle the passion in your relationship

1. Let him know that you care
The details will always be the most important. How long have you not written a romantic message or surprised her in some detail? It causes any time to talk and share what they think, what they want to do, what their next goals are, etc. Plan a trip together, give yourself the opportunity to enjoy moments together outside the home, live new experiences, enjoy your company, recharge your relationship energy and rekindle those feelings that have made them together. The beach is always a good place for it.

2. Choose lingerie and sexy underwear
In this dynamic of doing things together again, going to a lingerie and underwear store can be a good place to awaken the seduction between the two. Let your partner be part of the decision making of what kind of clothes to wear, they will help to reaffirm their confidence, awaken their imagination and start the previous romp in which they can choose one or more sexy clothes and then release them and be surprised by wearing it in a special night dedicated for you.

3. Surprise him by phone
Will you go to a dinner or a party? Regardless of the occasion and their styles, get ready with the clothes that make them feel comfortable and that they know makes their personality shine. Spent the time in the meeting, get away from your partner and locate a place where you can see him / her, but he or she will not call you, and call him / her on the phone. Cause your surprise and tell him how attractive he looks, let him know everything you love about him or her; Start with the basics, your smile, your look, etc. and ends by asking him, what would he do if only the two were alone at the end of the call?

4. Invite your partner to a romantic dinner made by both!
Cooking as a couple is considered one of the most sensual activities that can be experienced at home, as it stimulates the senses with the various aromas, textures, colors and sensations that foods evoke. What would you like to have dinner? Let’s do it! Remember that this experience will be for both to enjoy, live and rekindle the moment they fell in love, know how they are or simply, return to those looks of complicity, that shy touch of hands or flirtatious laughter that had been asleep.

5. Make your fantasies come true
The first victim among couples stuck in monotony, is the decrease in sexual activity, but that has a solution, it’s time to return to intimacy! Can you imagine your partner

dedicating yourself to a very sensual dance or do you dedicate yourself to it? o Stimulate the senses with a tray of provocative fruits? Whether they are roll games, specific outfits, places or certain positions, everything is valid, provided it is agreed upon and safe for both. Between the two awaken the sensuality and eroticism that exists in their bodies to live again those moments of intimacy that made them want to stay in the room for longer.

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