10 Tips to Get Your Relationship Back on Track After a Terrible Fight


The best part of a fight is reconciliation. Apologizing, forgiving and pampering and caring that compensate for the bad time can turn a past fight into a wonderful and sweet excuse to show love.

1. Make sure the fight is over
You can not feel like reconciling yourself if the cause of the argument is still in your head. Only when you feel that you are at peace with the subject, can you consider making peace. Otherwise the moment will be spoiled with some reproach.

2. Get closer to your partner
Two people who fight go away physically, then to communicate they raise their voices or shout. Get close to your partner and you will see how the volume of the conversation drops giving an immediate sense of closeness and calmness.

4. Keep your body language open
Arms crossed and closed hands indicate that you do not want a dialogue. Keep your body language open to the other. Leave your arms relaxed, your hands open and receptive. Look into each other’s eyes and smile kindly. This means that you invite the other to approach you and allow you to approach.

5. No external interruptions
After the fight you have to heal the wounds of the heart. Do not let television, radio or an unexpected interruption break with the magic of this necessary reconciliation. Turn off all appliances and make sure you have a good time alone with your partner. If there are children in the house ask for someone to watch them or, in the last case, invent something to keep them entertained.

6. Apologize
It is not time to remain silent . If you have to apologize, do it now, from the heart. To ask for forgiveness is not to lose a battle, it is to recognize that an action was wrong, your partner will know how to appreciate your nobility and will begin to re-establish that union between the two.

7. Accept your apologies
In the same way, when your partner apologizes to you, excuse him without mortifying him, in a simple and generous way. There is nothing more humiliating than feeling “trampled” when asking for forgiveness. The act of excusing the basis of reconciliation.

8. Affection and caresses
The couple has a code of caresses, hugs, kisses and pampering that are very necessary and expected after a fight. A discussion causes the two parts of a relationship to remain, for a time, distant and strained. It is very comforting to feel the security of the other’s love in your arms again. Do not skip kisses, caresses and demonstrations of affection, they are like a balm in a wound.

9. Celebrate reconciliation
It is a very good idea to hold a celebration for two. A romantic dinner, a hotel night or a weekend for two. Avoid outlets like the cinema or the theater, what the couple needs is to communicate, to be focused on each other and to restore that invisible cord that makes them a couple with their own codes.

10. To meet again
Within this framework of meeting for both, re-highlighting the aspects that you fell in love with, that you admire or that seduce you from the other is an excellent exercise. Seduce and be seduced. Take the trouble to make your partner feel that you are still vibrating when he is present, that you are happy to be at his side and that you choose him once again as a life partner.

11. Reconciliation sex
It is a classic, sex of reconciliation. After so much mime and so much affective intensity, after remembering how much you like your partner and sharing kisses and hugs, it is normal that you feel a terrible desire to seal the reconciliation with a good performance in bed. Great, better impossible. Sex is a wonderful way to communicate on many different levels with the person you love. And the reconciliation will surely be remembered for many years.

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