How to improve relationships in a few steps

5 tips to surprise your partner and rekindle the passion in your relationship to the Desire Resort style
5 tips to surprise your partner and rekindle the passion in your relationship to the Desire Resort style

Relationships of couples are the greatest gift that life can offer us. Having someone who loves us for who we are is a blessing that many people would like to have right now. However, as in any human relationship, relationships have high moments and low moments.

They are in the low moments of the relationship where we desperately seek advice or tricks to improve our relationship with our partner as quickly as possible. According to couple therapist Andrew Christensen at “You only need one person to end a marriage, while two people need it to work.” That is why, below, we will present some tricks to improve the relationship with your partner in a few steps.

Tip 1: every day conquer or more
Assuming that having a girlfriend (or wife) and not continuing to conquer or pay attention to it is the most common mistake among couples. A couple’s relationship focuses on feeding the happy moments and rekindling the fire of the passion they have for each other, which is why the “perpetual conquest” is a good guarantee that the couple’s relationship will remain healthy.

Quoting the therapist Andrés F. Salgado “as well as new actions based on the knowledge we have of the couple, they will keep the spark and emotion and prevent the other or oneself from becoming something as obvious as the sofa in the room” .

In simple words: if you want your relationship to improve, renew the conquests and the old habits that led to conquer it (or) the first time you saw each other together. With each new action that you conquer, you will fall more in love with each other, disregarding the deterioration of your relationship.

Tip 2: Thank for the details
Although many people think otherwise, the truth is that you can avoid the deterioration of a relationship by appreciating the details that the couple gives saying thank you. This simple act can make the big difference between a healthy and happy relationship of a sad and somber relationship.

The details are the small gestures in which your partner appreciates you and loves you, that is why giving due thanks can make your relationship flourish exponentially. Also the action of gratitude can be done in acts as simple as, for example, putting a picture in the living room.

To illustrate this, psychologist Kaplan made an experiment with her husband. Their relationship had deteriorated a little after certain altercations he had during family vacations. After some time, the psychologist began to thank each action her husband did for her (like, for example, serving her afternoon tea)

Quickly, the husband began to do more things in the house until, little by little, he gave occasional details to his wife, repairing in this way the relationship of a couple who had suffered a small break in the altercation. In the words of the psychologist for “to thank my husband for things as simple as fixing the tap substantially improved my marriage”.

Tip 3: have a life of your own
Life as a couple can be one of the most wonderful things a person can have, but having a life of their own is also healthy from time to time. We all have our moments when we want to be alone or with our friends to spend some time away from the couple, and that is a healthy way to maintain a relationship.

Although having a partner is important, it is not everything in this life. It is also worth having dreams and goals to fulfill, that is why having a life of your own without your partner is a good way to “get away in a healthy way with your partner”. Making new friends or doing different activities during that period can rekindle conversations with the couple and make the relationship more interesting.

In my own experience, my current wife and I were separated for a time to “renew energies and connect more with friends and family.” In that time I did a lot of activities, I fulfilled old goals and dreams and I was able to share more with my family and my friends. When my wife and I returned from our “mini-vacation” we had a long list of conversations and new experiences to tell each other.

Tip 4: further assist in the work of Hoga r
Finally, but not least, there is the matter of the distribution of household chores. Many relationships between couples and marriages fail due to poor distribution in household chores or unwillingness to do them. It is important to emphasize that, even if it is a headache to perform household tasks, it is necessary to do them if you want to maintain both a happy relationship and a healthy home.

The keys to maintaining this advice are simple: first, to define what homework each person keeps and, secondly, to fulfill them without the other couple reminding them. As long as the balance is maintained in keeping things in the house in order, healthier and more stable the relationship will become.

Life as a couple is a beautiful gift if you work on it correctly every day. These are just some tips to improve the relationship between the two of you and are very practical for any occasion when you need to improve your relationship.

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