After Partygate: Boris Johnson’s ethics adviser resigns and raises serious allegations

After surviving the vote of no confidence, Boris Johnson continues to face criticism. The British Prime Minister’s second ethics adviser has now resigned.

Boris Johnson
boris johnson

Christopher Geidt, who served as an ethical adviser to Boris Johnson, tendered his resignation when the “Partygate” scandal became public knowledge. The former Queen’s private secretary harshly condemned the current administration of the United Kingdom in a resignation letter that was made public on Thursday. In it, Geidt describes how “frustrating” it was to work with Johnson.

In the letter, which was addressed directly to Johnson, Geidt stated that he had been asked for advice on actions that would have constituted a purposeful and deliberate breach of the ministerial code. Geidt said he had been asked for advice on actions that would have constituted a breach of the ministerial code.

Boris Johnson

This was incompatible with his role as an advisor on standards of behavior for members of the government, and he was unable to find a solution.

It is an “affront” to one’s intelligence that a Prime Minister would purposefully violate his code of behavior in order to further his political agenda.

As a result of Johnson’s actions, Geidt became the second ethics adviser to quit.

While Boris Johnson maintains his position as foreign secretary, his ethical advisers have been removed.

Alex Allan, who had served as Geidt’s predecessor, tendered his resignation in November 2020 after the Prime Minister disregarded his counsel about the “bullying scandal.”

Priti Patel, who was serving as Interior Minister under Johnson at the time, was the subject of several severe claims, as reported by Handelsblatt.

Patel, another member of Johnson’s cabinet, and the prime minister both continue to hold their positions.

Almost two weeks ago, a vote of no confidence in Johnson’s leadership was defeated by a margin of 211 votes to 148. This occurred despite the “Partygate” scandal.

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Written by Rachita Salian


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