Boris Johnson is facing a no-confidence vote

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Boris Johnson talks with Saudi Arabia in search of alternatives to Russian oil

The vote comes after a sufficient number of Conservative Tory MPs backed a vote. At least 54 members have written to the 1922 committee, which coordinates the party’s MPs and demanded a vote. This was announced by the chairman of the committee, Sir Graham Brady, on Monday.

According to Sky News, the vote is expected to take place sometime between 19 and 21 tonight, Swedish time. If more than half of the Tory members choose to vote against Johnson, he will be forced to resign both as prime minister and party chairman.

Should he win, however, he can not be faced with new no-confidence votes for at least a year. Foreign Minister Liz Truss and Finance Minister Rishi Sunak have already announced that they will support Johnson in the vote, writes Reuters. Michael Gove, who is, among other things, Minister for Housing, has also announced his support.

Former British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt has announced that he will vote to oust Johnson, who is expected to speak to Tory members shortly before the vote.

Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson under heavy pressure

The no-confidence vote comes after Boris Johnson has been under heavy pressure for a long time after the party revelations that replaced each other in the scandal that has been named “Partygate”.

In connection with the report on the scandal being handed over to Boris Johnson at the end of May, he again apologized, but at the same time said that he has no plans to resign.

A spokesman for Johnson’s staff said in a statement that Monday’s vote could provide an opportunity to put an end to months of speculation and enable the government to move forward. According to the statement, Johnson welcomes the opportunity to present his case to MEPs.

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