No regrets: Mia Khalifa announces the end of her marriage to Robert Sandberg

It was through the social networks of Mia Khalifa as Robert Sandberg that the reason why they separated was communicated. Love is over? Were there any adverse situations that you couldn’t heal?

Mia Khalifa separates from Robert Sandberg they had a happy marriage for two years. Special
Mia Khalifa separates from Robert Sandberg they had a happy marriage for two years. Special

Mia Khalifa, a former porn actress who has fought against the industry and sexual exploitation, announced her separation after two years of marriage to Robert Sandberg . The young woman explained through a statement – the same one shared by her now ex-partner. Why did you break up? We tell you what we know about the decision made by one of the strongest couples in the world. 

Mia Khalifa has separated from her husband, Robert Sandberg, after 2 years of marriage. The influencer, sportscaster and former adult film star got engaged to the Swedish chef in March 2019 before getting married in the kitchen of their first home on June 10 of the same year.

The couple has reportedly split over unsolvable differences.

Khalifa announced the breakup on social media, saying they broke up after going through nearly a year of therapy but were unable to make their marriage work.

She said, “We can confidently say that we gave everything to make our marriage work, but after almost a year of therapy and efforts, we walk away knowing that we have a friend in each other and that we really tried.’

“We will always love and respect each other because we know that not an isolated incident caused our separation, but the culmination of fundamental, unsolvable differences for which no one can blame the other.

“We are closing this chapter without regrets and beginning our own, separately but connected through incredible family, friends, and our love for our dogs.

“This was long overdue, but we’re glad we took our time and given our all, and we can walk away saying we did everything we could.”

It was through the social networks of Mia Khalifa as Robert Sandberg that the reason why they separated was communicated . Love is over? Were there any adverse situations that you couldn’t heal?

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The twenty-eight-year-old previously married her high school boyfriend in 2011 before separating in 2014 and divorcing in 2016.

It was during this period that her short career as an adult film star began, sparking controversy as she performed scenes in a hijab that quickly became the # 1 star on P * rnhub. But she has since revealed that her 3 months in the industry were the worst of his life.

Speaking of Alexandra Cooper Call her Daddy podcast in March, she said, ‘I started dissociating and compartmentalizing and pretending that things had never happened to the point where I didn’t talk about porn for the first three years afterwards, I just stayed in silence and never spoke of it.

“Every time I did an interview that was the one thing they couldn’t ask me about, I refused to admit that I had done it and it wasn’t until therapy that I realized how damaging that is.”

Speaking about the apartment she lived in at the peak of his viral fame, she said: “It was disgusting, it was so bad, it was infested with roaches, it was the worst time of my life.”

“She had two million followers on Instagram, everyone thought she was doing well, that was not the case.”

By sharing a photo of herself on Instagram, Khalifa also recently announced that she has entered the OnlyFans money-making trend: “I have a full-time job… as an accountant,” she wrote.

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Above the photo of her and her husband announcing the heartbreaking separation, it appears that she also took the option to comment.

She also posted a photo, in which she seemed to be crying, in her story saying, “If you’ve already booked a flight for my wedding, I don’t know what to tell you, I hope you bought travel insurance.”

We hope you’re okay, Mia!

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