Mon Laferte boasts on Instagram the father of the first child she expects and also how much she loves him

1/1 Mon Laferte boasts on Instagram the father of the first child he is expecting and also how much he loves him Instagram photo @monlaferte

Mexico – The Chilean singer-songwriter Mon Laferte, who revealed publicly on Instagram a few days ago that she will become a mother for the first time, also shares some images next to the father of her baby on the social network.

Mon Laferte is very possessive of her private life and rarely discloses it, but lately, she has done so and has shown who the father of the baby she is expecting at 38 years of age is.

Joel Orta is Mon’s boyfriend and he is also dedicated to the music business. He is Mexican and is known mainly for being the guitarist and vocalist of the Celofán group.

According to information on various news portals, Joel, in addition to being Mon Laferte’s partner, also works with her, since she is in charge of all her production when it comes to setting up her shows.

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Mon Laferte And His Partner Joel Orta, Father Of The First Child He Is Expecting. Instagram Photo

Joel is very talented since he loves the plastic arts, in fact, he supported Mon when he made his murals in Valparaíso and Los Angeles, California, United States.

Mon and Joel began dating in October 2019 and in December of that same year she posted an image on Instagram showing her hand intertwined with another, but no one imagined it was his.

On February 14, 2021, the day of love and friendship, the singer of songs like La Mujer and Amárrame officially presented Joel as her boyfriend on her social networks and wrote: “Long live love!”

And in several images, Mon boasts the love she feels for the father of the baby she is expecting. So far he has not written anything in his networks about his fatherhood, but she has and this is something he shared recently:

“I have been trying to get pregnant for a year, it is a wish that came to me in my thirties because before I did not want to have children and it has been a very hard year, very difficult with many hormones and changes in weight and mood. I’m pregnant,” said the singer the day she announced her pregnancy.

Mon Laferte made public months ago that during 2020 she had a sentimental breakup that damaged her a lot, but now love has touched her again and twice because she will soon know the love of a mother and that makes her very happy.


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