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Lupita Jones is ashamed to congratulate the new Miss Universe

Lupita Jones was ashamed to congratulate Andrea Meza on her victory in Miss Universe 2021; apparently it was the fault of his community manager.

Sofia Aragon
Sofia Aragon

Yesterday we announced to you in La Truth News that Andrea Meza , representative of Mexico in the Miss Universe pageant , had been crowned the winner of the 2021 edition . After the final verdict was announced, millions of people used their social networks to congratulate her on her triumph, including Lupita Jones .

However, the congratulations of the former beauty queen caused controversy among netizens because due to the haste it was revealed that it was a predetermined text , that is, it had already been written previously. In the same way, the message that she would dedicate to the Mexican representative was revealed in case she lost in the contest .

The publication was deleted almost immediately , but various screenshots began to circulate on social networks that revealed what the messages that the model Andrea Meza would receive said , regardless of the result of the beauty pageant.

After what happened, the current candidate for the governor of the state of Baja California used her Instagram stories to send congratulations to Andrea Meza for her triumph in the most important beauty pageant in the world and, incidentally, recognize the qualities that allowed the young Chihuahuan bring the crown to Mexico .

“I am happy, my heart is not big enough to hold so much emotion, Mexico won Miss Universe again. Congratulations Andrea, you are a champion, you are a woman of struggle, effort, dedication, a woman who sets goals and works to achieve them. I’m very proud of you, ” Lupita Jones declared on Instagram .

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