This is how Isabella Camil looked when she was Luis Miguel’s girlfriend

Isabella Camil shared on Instagram a photo of how she looked when she was Luis Miguel’s girlfriend; know the details.

This Is How Isabella Camil Looked When She Was Luis Miguels Girlfriend.

The singer Luis Miguel has managed to captivate a huge audience around the world with his charisma and great voice that has characterized him since childhood; the “Sol de México” has become known for his long musical career on stage, as well as for the girlfriends and love affairs he has maintained in his career; to mention an example, the one he had with Isabella Camil .

In that sense, Luis Miguel has been among thousands of gossip and rumors within the world of entertainment despite not appearing or responding to the media during his musical career. However, the entertainment media have taken it upon themselves to keep curiosity alive about the famous singer’s intimate relationships.

As expected, after the premiere of the second season of his acclaimed series on Netflix, thousands of fans of the singer have shown a greater interest in the private and professional life of the interpreter of ” When the sun heats up

Isabella Camil, that’s how she looked when she was Luis Miguel’s girlfriend

La Verdad Noticias recalls that Luis Miguel has had a prodigious professional career, but also a sentimental one, since he has had multiple partners and wives with whom he has shared his life, but also of many others that little or almost nothing is known about.

In this vein, one of the greatest loves of the author of “La Inconditional” was Mariana Yazbek, a Mexican photographer with whom he had a relationship for a short time, a moment that is portrayed precisely during the first installment of the successful series.


However, another of the most important loves for Luis Miguel was the one he had with Isabella Camil , which continues to be resumed in this second season; Isabella’s character is played by actress Camila Sodi under the name “Erika”.

In this regard, Isabella Camil has spoken very few times about what she lived with the singer, but on one occasion she declared for Ventaneando that what she had with him was “very nice.” Even in 2018, after the premiere of the first season of the project, the famous one shared on Instagram an image of how she looked in her youth when she was Luis Miguel’s girlfriend .


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