Confirmed Death of Suspected Gunman in Monterey Park Mass Shooting

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Monterey Park Mass Shooting
Monterey Park Mass Shooting

The Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department said that a mass shooting occurred in Monterey Park on Saturday night, leaving at least 10 persons dead and 10 injured.

According to LASD Sgt. Bob Boese, they are looking into a shooting that occurred close to Garvey and Garfield avenues.

According to investigators, the alleged shooter was discovered dead in a white pickup truck in the city of Torrance, probably after shooting himself.

Monterey Park Mass Shooting: Suspected Gunman Identified, Confirmed Dead By Lasd

After a Lunar New Year celebration, the shooting was reported at around 10:22 p.m. in the 100 block of West Garvey Avenue, according to LASD.

During a press conference on Sunday, Chief Robert Luna of the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department revealed that only five of the ten victims were men and five were women.

The victims’ ages are estimated to be between 50 and 60.

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Huu Can Tran, who is 72 years old, was named as the shooter.

Several people were running from a dance hall when police arrived on the scene on Saturday, according to Capt. Andrew Meyer of the LASD Homicide Bureau, who spoke at an early-morning press conference on Sunday.

People were running out of the ballroom screaming when police arrived, according to Meyer, and numerous victims were discovered in the parking lot.

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Luna released pictures of the shooting’s alleged culprit on Sunday. At least 10 persons were declared dead at the site, and another 10 were taken in with varying conditions—from stable to critical—to area hospitals.

Police and firefighters were spotted encircling the area when Newschopper4 from our sister network NBC4 arrived on the site.

Thousands of people attended the Lunar New Year celebrations in Monterey Park an hour prior to the incident.

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The festival is a significant occasion for the neighborhood and is regarded as one of the biggest in Southern California.
In light of the incident, the event was postponed till Sunday, according to Police Department Chief Scott Weise.

The shooting’s motivation is still a mystery.

Another incident in the Alhambra was reported not far from where the events took place.

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Both incidents, according to the authorities, were connected. Luna acknowledged the shooter’s presence in the Lai Lai Ballroom & Studio, another ballroom in the Alhambra, during a press conference on Sunday afternoon.

By disarming the shooter, those present in the studio were able to stop a tragedy. The suspect entered the area undoubtedly intending to kill, but two residents of the neighborhood intervened and disarmed him, Luna added.

The FBI is one of the law enforcement bodies that is still looking into this case. The San Gabriel Valley, where Monterey Park is situated, is roughly 10 miles from the heart of Los Angeles.

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Later, it was revealed that the firearm was semi-automatic. At the accident site in Alhambra, it was found. A white cargo van was reportedly observed by witnesses departing the Alhambra location.

In Torrance, a van that matched that description was pulled over during a traffic stop at a shopping complex close to the Del Amo Fashion Center, but police couldn’t confirm that it was the same van they were looking for in connection with the shooting.

A white cargo truck was encircled by police cruisers and armored SWAT vehicles on Sunday afternoon in Torrance close to the Del Amo Fashion Center.

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The van matched the characteristics of the car they were searching for in relation to the incident in Monterey Park.

Authorities said that they heard a gunshot when they arrived on the scene. The claimed shooter was really dead, according to the investigation into the van.

Alhambra Mayor Sasha Renee Pérez wrote on Twitter, “I am in astonishment, pain, and devastation.” In our adjacent community of Monterey Park, a mass shooting has taken place.

Monterey Park Mass Shooting Updates: Suspect Died Of Self-Inflicted Gunshot Wound, Police Say - Abc News

The victims’ families are in our thoughts and prayers. Our community is prepared to support everyone touched by this in any way we can.

President Biden was also informed about the attack at the White House. The horrific mass shooting in Monterey Park last night left many people injured, and Jill and I are praying for them, Biden added.

Since a man killed 10 people, including himself, in Covina in 2008, this shooting is the worst mass shooting to occur in Los Angeles County.

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On the eastern outskirts of Los Angeles, there is a community with a population of about 60,000 called Monterey Park. Chinese immigrants and their descendants make up the majority of the city’s population.

Mandarin and Cantonese are frequently used, Chinese festivals are observed, and the city hosts Chinese movie screenings.

The tragedy was the deadliest mass shooting since May 24, 2022, when 21 people were killed at a school in Uvalde, Texas, according to The Associated source.

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It was also the fifth mass shooting to occur in the United States this year. Press/USA Today on the US mass murders. Two months after five people were slain at a nightclub in Colorado Springs, there was another mass shooting.

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