Rotten Tomatoes tries to combat trolls

And we say trolls not to say …


Rotten Tomatoes , the website that collects professional reviews to evaluate an always controversial percentage of positive reviews against negatives, has decided to intervene in the section in which users could comment on their opinions about titles not yet released.

According to media such as Digital Spy , after seeing ” the increase in non-constructive entries “, the website has decided to take a series of measures to ensure ” accurate and authentic representation of the voice of the fans ” but protecting their ” data and public forums of bad behaviors “.

For this, Rotten Tomatoes will prevent in the future that users can comment on a title before its premiere, something that might seem ineffective but, considering how the campaigns dedicated to rampage movies based on racist comments have behaved up to now. sexist, it could be effective.

To understand it, just use the closest clear examples: ‘ Black Panther ‘ (Ryan Coogler, 2018) and ‘ Captain Marvel ‘ (Anna Boden, Ryan Fleck, 2019). The adventure of the King of Wakanda suffered for months different waves of comments in which, the white men who signed them, pointed out how bad that film was that they had not yet seen because twenty years before it had become ‘ Blade ‘ (Stephen Norrington , 1998), because all the heroes are African-American and because they are killing us. Once the film was released, the negative comments were drowned among fundraising records and enthusiastic fans.

A ‘ Captain Marvel ‘ has not needed or premiere. After several weeks in which more than 250 male reviews reminded us that ‘ Wonder Woman ‘ (Patty Jenkins, 2017) has already been made , that all heroes are women and that the very dangerous feminist Brie Larson is killing us, some light has entered the forum when fans who have bought their ticket in the presale have decided to go through the web to discuss the desire they have to see if the new heroine works on the big screen.

Taking into account the ” hate ” before the premieres, the little that it really represents in the community by number but the great media noise it achieves, this average announced by Rotten Tomatoes can be effective (at least to some extent), but Of course it seems necessary.

For ‘ Star Wars: Episode IX ‘ (JJ Abrams, 2019) it’s already late, three days ago they started trying to knock it down ten months after its premiere and without any image (or title), but maybe the weight in networks of these types diminish and allow us to love and hate old-fashioned movies: once seen and because we really like them or not.

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