Marvel Studios wants Black Panther to be nominated for Best Picture

Marvel Studios Wants Black Panther To Be Nominated For Best Picture
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The adventures of the villagers of Wakanda and “Black Panther” could be nominated for an Oscar.

Hollywood went to the world of superheroes to mitigate the creative drought that has been living in the last two decades. The characters of Marvel and the turn of their stories have become the favorites of millions of people. But it is the “Black Panther” movie that could mark a milestone in the world of superheroes in cinema.

“Black Panther” has raised more than a billion dollars worldwide. The success of the film surprised all the connoisseurs of the subject because ‘Panther’ was considered a minor hero within the Marvel universe.

The film directed by Ryan Coogler was always mentioned as deserving of a nomination since its premiere in the United States.

The academy created the Best Popular Movie category and Marvel Studios began to move all their machinery to win a prize.

But Marvel and Disney are not satisfied and they want the Academy to nominate “Black Panther” to the category of Best Film. “At the moment, I think that the executive director of the Academy, Dawn Hudson, would get into a hole if” Black Panther “is rejected in Best Film and ends up landing in the category of the popular film,” he told the L.A. Times Cynthia Swartz, Oscar consultant.


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