Coronavirus cure on the way: Laboratories confirm vaccine

Experts are struggling to find a cure for the coronavirus, and a laboratory in San Diego managed a vaccine that appears to be effective.

Coronavirus cure on the way Laboratories confirm vaccine
Coronavirus cure on the way Laboratories confirm vaccine

The coronavirus pandemic has experts from all over the world working hard to develop an effective vaccine against the disease of Chinese origin, and in San Diego, United States, a laboratory managed to create in three hours a vaccine that is born from DNA and it could be the cure .

Tests have been done in mice and if everything goes well, the vaccine will be applied to a small group of humans to test its effectiveness against covid-19 .

Cure against coronavirus

The pharmaceutical company Inovio Pharmaceuticals, based in Sorrento Valley detailed that they relied on data from Chinese scientists to reach this step and after three hours, experts from the Discovers laboratory, belonging to said pharmaceutical company, could be creating the cure for the deadly coronavirus outbreak in the world.

According to the latest report on Friday, March 13, the coronavirus has killed 4,958 people worldwide and 133,970 confirmed cases of the same disease have been recorded in 120 countries.

This pharmacist has experience in deadly diseases, managed to develop the vaccine against the Zika and Ebola virus, and now they are only a few tests to confirm the creation of the cure to covid-19.

The tests are expected to begin in mid-April in a group of between 30 and 50 humans, which is a great step, since it was estimated that these tests would be carried out between June and July.

Vaccine creates antibodies against COVID-19

Dr. Smith, one of the experts working on a cure for the virus, said that everything is going well and that testing the vaccine on humans will be like a piece of biological software. This would instruct the body to create a proper attack in the form of T cells and antibodies against covid-19.

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If there are no complications, the vaccine will be available to the public earlier this summer, and Inovio Pharmaceuticals’ laboratory in San Diego will break a new record.

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