Kardashian’s pristine elbows and Naomi Campbell’s NBC suit: this is how American celebs protect themselves

From Emily Ratajkowski’s quarantine to Mariah Carey’s handwashing lessons, advice follows on social media

How American Celebs Protect Themselves

In the US, around 1,700 people have been diagnosed as of this writing, but the number of infected is surely much higher. And in a country with a completely private and very expensive healthcare system, even those who could jump into a banknote-filled swimming pool are also not immune to this plague.

Thus, the coronavirus pandemic has spread to Hollywood stars and professional athletes, with Tom Hanks and his wife, Rita Wilson , infected with the disease.

Naomi Campbell

Known for his high degree of hypochondria and he always gets on a plane with professional disinfection equipment

The one who is most safe from any type of contagion is Naomi Campbell . Known is its high degree of hypochondria and, if we have ever smiled at occurrences such as getting on a plane equipped with a professional disinfection team, now we look at those images without a hint of humor.


“This is what I do on all the planes I get on. I don’t care what people think of me. It is my health and it makes me feel better, ”she said as she performed her hygiene routine in July 2019. Campbell continues to fight solo against viruses and bacteria and showed up at the Los Angeles airport wearing a NBC suit , full gloves and mask. .



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Safety first. All bought on @amazon 6 weeks ago

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Other celebrities prefer to give more affordable advice, like Mariah Carey and her demonstration of good handwashing. The singer uploaded a video to Tik Tok with her twins, Moroccan and Monroe , using it under the tap and remembering that rubbing should last at least 20“. Although they look very proud, the truth is that the doctors propose a minute.


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Washing our hands to 20 seconds of Ol’ Dirty Bastard! Stay safe everybody! ❤️

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Heidi klum

The model explained that she had a fever and chills, a cough and a runny nose, but despite trying with two doctors, it had not been possible to take the COVID-19 test.

Heidi Klum , presenter of ‘America’s Got Talent’, left the program to seclude herself at home after falling ill. The model went to Instagram to explain to her fans that she had a fever and chills, a cough and a runny nose, but that despite trying with two doctors, it had not been possible to take the COVID-19 test. Meanwhile, he added this recommendation: “Stay home if you don’t feel good.”

Emily Ratajkowski has been quarantined with her husband, Sebastian Bear-McClard and her German Shepard puppy, Colombo, a situation that she has been documenting through stories on her Instagram account: “Self-quarantine with my babies”, she put in one of the images. Actress Kate Hudson posted a photo wearing a face mask during a recent displacement. “Travel. 2020 ”, captioned the photo.


As a safer greeting, Kim Kardashian suggests bumping your feet and not rubbing your elbows: “He coughs into his elbow. So no more elbows. ” Reason is not lacking. He also shared antibacterial wipe object disinfection procedures on his Instagram before touching it with his bare hand.

In late February, Gwyneth Paltrow shared a photo on Instagram wearing a mask during a flight to the French capital on the occasion of Fashion Week. “On my way to Paris, on my way to Paris. Paranoid? Prudent? Panic? Placid? Pandemic? Propaganda? Paltrow is going to go ahead and sleep with this thing on the plane, ”the photo captioned. Everything with P, like Paris and Paltrow. The actress capable of selling candles with the smell of her vagina and a scarecrow spray , saw a niche in the pandemic and could not think of anything else to promote one of her products using the outfit worn by doctors.

“Most days you will find the GP wearing sneakers, one of the reasons we create a new sneaker guide every year.” Frivolity has cost him an avalanche of user criticism. “We are in the midst of a global pandemic, do you think someone is going to buy an ugly skirt for $ 450.” Many others rebuked him for not using a website dedicated to healthy living for something more edifying in the middle of a pandemic.

Lady Gaga

The same day that the closings of schools, sports complexes and mass events began, the singer encouraged her fans to be kind to each other

Lady Gaga , on the other hand, tries to put common sense in the face of the panic that leads the population to empty supermarkets. The same day the closings of schools, sports complexes and mass events began, the singer encouraged her fans to be kind to each other. “For those who are sick, or those who are not and are scared. We are in this together . I love you world ”, he said in a post.


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