Thalía enjoys the summer with a low cut in a swimsuit from the pool

Sunny summer days take over Thalía and she enjoys them to the fullest from the pool in a bathing suit and drinking mojitos

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Mexico.- Many say that Thalía is living her best life and in her best moment, and this is because the Mexican singer spends her life exhibiting her life on social networks, a space that she takes advantage of to show her day-to-day life.

Just as she did this Thursday, the Latin pop star shared photographs at very early hours enjoying sunny summer days to the fullest in a stunning peacock-inspired swimsuit, sporting a heart-stopping neckline.

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Through her profile on Instagram, Sodi Miranda shared a couple of photos from the pool of her luxurious mansion where she lives with her husband Tommy Mottola and their two children, making it clear that it is the best time to have a good time and the perfect weather to tan.

Thalía posed on top of a gigantic floater shaped like a peacock, which matched that swimsuit in shades of green and blue with a metallic style, a picturesque updo, dark glasses and even a mojito in hand.

Of course, the singer could not leave aside a good message for her followers, who on Instagram are millions and are always aware of each and every one of her movements, telling that she was drinking a delicious and refreshing mango mojito and having a break.

Thalía’s days seem to be the most relaxed and perfect, but the truth is that the Mexican singer does not stop working and this has been evidenced by her recent projects, such as a musical album full of hits and video clips for singles.

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