Celia Lora with a tight swimsuit almost got an attribute

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Image 1 199

Celia Lora , 37, does her thing again on social networks because she decided to wear a swimsuit so tight that she was about to cause an accident.

And it is that said beach outfit, almost takes out one of his attributes which always looks on his Instagram account, although this time the model was about to have an accident.

For those who do not know, Celia Lora has always been a beach lover, which is why she chose the beautiful port of Acapulco to model in a very sexy way.

“Bella, you are simply very beautiful and sensual … Blessings”, “Greetings Beautiful, every day you are as I want”, “I do not know if it is said there, but you are a very beautiful mommy”, they write to Celia Lora.

Another of the things for which Celia Lora is highly praised has been for her participation in Acapulco Shock where she has told her truths not only to the new ones, but to the old members.

Celia Lora has always been a woman who says things up front, that is why she has never feared anyone, although she has made enemies.

It is worth mentioning that Celia Lora stopped following Karime Pindter on social networks, although the reason is unknown, some say that the Acapulco Shore member did something to the Playboy model.


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