SHOW “Floods and active volcanoes in Mexico”, Mhoni Vidente makes predictions for October

Mhoni Vidente makes predictions for October

Mhoni Vidente captures the public’s attention on her social networks with her daily predictions and talks about famous people, politicians, and possible world catastrophes.

Many believe in the predictions of Mhoni Seer, others do not, but the fact is that many are fulfilled and therefore it does not stop being in the eyes of the world with them.

October will be a difficult and complicated month for the world, says Mhoni in her predictions for the penultimate month of 2021, since she has been able to “see” floods in Mexico and volcano eruptions in this country and in others.

“We must be forewarned, the Popo volcano, the Colima volcano, and one hidden in the United States that is off and will be learned again due to weather issues,” the fortune teller mentions.

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She also warns that there are other volcanoes in the world that are sleeping for now but do not be surprised if they “wake up” with all the fury since she has also been able to see that in her dreams and that is why she expresses it.

And when it comes to show business, Seer shares in her recent predictions also that several celebrities from the show will basically “go to jail” for tax evasion issues.

The Charter of the wheel of fortune is present in October and also cites that many people will be immersed in a kind of “Wheel of Fortune”. “Those who are below will rise, and vice versa, that is said.”

Mhoni Vidente is originally from Cuba, of a Cuban mother and Mexican father born in Nuevo León, Mexico, and has positioned herself as one of the most famous and followed astrologers on social networks.

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