Do you remember that joke about “my tastes are very specific … – Open up to me? .. … god, ugh, you sick bastard”? So, the heroine of this article would definitely not be surprised by the tastes of Christian Gray. What did she not see there, in this playroom of his …

riley steele wallpaper preview
riley steele wallpaper preview

So, biography of Riley Steele – the sultry blonde from your erotic fantasies!


Riley was born on August 26, 1987, that is, according to her zodiac sign she is Virgo, and now she is thirty-three years old. She was born in California, USA, and grew up in a small (one and a half hundred inhabitants) town in the south of the state.

Very little is known about Riley’s youth and childhood. It is known that her real name is Britney Ann Palmer. This is probably why she decided to take a pseudonym: Britney is strongly associated with the one and only possible Britney, and “Ann Palmer” is a very common name, surname and their combination.

As for the girl’s appearance, she is quite standard for a porn actress, especially in those years (early 2000s). Now, if you watch porn videos, you will notice that the girls there can be very different: redheads, blondes, white-skinned, dark-skinned, complete, so to speak, the victory of tolerance.

Plus, there is also a fashion for more or less natural attractiveness (before it was even something like a bad manners) and for girls of an informal appearance, so often in porn you can see tattoos, piercings, sometimes even (although this is less common, yes) colored hair.

However, in the tenths of the century, there were classic girls in porn: blonde, a kind of fourth size of an impressive bust, golden-dark skin, no less golden hair, huge blue eyes, a doll-like and at the same time bitchy face. Of course, her appearance is completely redone: tanning – in a solarium, hair – bleached, breasts – silicone. It is likely that in her youth, before the start of her porn career, Riley looked very different, and it is possible that much more attractive.

If we talk about the parameters of a girl, then she is tall enough for a porn actress: 170 centimeters, while usually fragile and petite girls are preferred in porn, so that even the most physically undeveloped guys next to them (appreciate the delicacy of these lines) look like Apollo with gigantic n … muscles.

But the data on the parameters of the girl are very strange. Her waist is said to be twenty-four centimeters. And that’s okay, after all, the world’s thinnest waist is thirteen, so it didn’t even come close to the record. But the hip circumference is thirty-six centimeters? Wikipedia, are you confusing anything? Maybe you should sleep there, rest? ..

In any case, very little is known about Riley’s early life and personal vicissitudes. It is only known that before starting to appear in pornographic films, she worked at Starbucks. It is not even known what year it was.

But here’s what can be said based on the analysis of the biographies of other porn actresses: the most common story of how a girl gets into the world of the porn business is through an attempt to get an education.


A girl from a small town moves to a larger city, wants to study at the university, but is forced to combine work and study in order to somehow provide for herself

Because of this, study naturally suffers, supporting herself by working in a job that does not require qualifications (and where else will a student be taken?) Turns out to be worse and worse, and the girl goes to work first in a striptease, and then in erotic photo shoots, monetizing the resource given to her by her mother -nature – its beauty. It is likely that Riley went to porn for the same reason and in the same life stage, but this is inaccurate information.


So it all started with Pirates II: Staganetti’s Revenge, where Riley played a minor role. The trick is that this film is the longest in the history of the porn industry, it lasts as much as one hundred and thirty-eight minutes – two hours and eighteen minutes. Two hours and eighteen minutes of concentrated porn, yey! I wonder how much they were all for each other there … peck during the filming process.

So, thanks to the fact that Riley starred in such a somewhat iconic film, and thanks to her attractive appearance, the girl was noticed by Jesse Jane – one of the leading actresses of the famous porn studio called “Digital Playground”. And Jesse gave Riley (then Barbara) her business card and suggested that they meet again to talk about Riley’s advancement in the world of the porn industry.

This, by the way, is quite unusual for this business, because more often the girls still make their way “through hardships to the stars” (I wonder what can be considered hardships in this metaphor …) on their own. Some already experienced actresses, like Tera Patrick, try to establish their own production centers, but usually these ventures do not become popular. And here – quite a producing for an aspiring actress.

Jane helped Riley go straight to the owner of the porn studio where Jane worked, and Riley immediately signed an exclusive contract with the studio, which means that she has no right to act in any other projects except the projects of this studio. But she was immediately involved not in some passing films, but in the best ones, those on which the studio relied.

  • A Girl’s Guide to Depravity, an HBO TV series, with Riley playing a supporting role;
  • She also played a minor role in Piranhas, which attracted many new fans to her.

She also starred for various magazines, for example, “Hustler”, “Penthouse” (ten pages of her photos, yo!), “High Society” (but much higher …)



  • In 2011, she was awarded for Best Lesbian Group Scene in a film with the poetic title Body Heat;
  • The wildest sex scene – for the same film, the same year, plus it was hailed as the best crossover star by two films at once.
  • In 2012, she was voted Performer of the Year, Favorite Porn Star, Hottest Sex Scene, and Twitter Queen.
  • In 2013 – for the best sex scene, the best lesbian scene (the film “Mothers and Daughters”, hmm), the best body, as a favorite porn star and favorite female porn star separately.

Since then, alas, no more awards have been made.

What do you think?

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