People are divided into three types: some marry Barbie and Ken and play wedding and family life with all the sweetness, and then see photo shoots where family life is shown realistically by the example of Barbie and Ken, and are bitterly disappointed.

Lanny Barbie
Lanny Barbie

The latter play how Barbie, having sent Ken to hell (seriously, why does she need Ken, he is even unsympathetic), sets off to conquer career heights.

Still others quickly remove all clothes from the dolls and begin to put them in obscene poses.

So, Lanny Barbie was clearly one of the last! And here you will read her biography.


By the way, this is not a typo: Barby, not Barbie, so, perhaps, she did not form associations with the famous Lanny doll. Although she really looks like a doll. This is the rare case when a girl of natural beauty gets into the porn industry, because Lanny’s face is not particularly noticeable traces of plastic surgery, although they are most likely there – for the pornography industry this is practically the norm.

But in general, Lanny is a really beautiful girl with doll-like, but at the same time individual, memorable facial features, a bit reminiscent of Mila Kunis: wide-set green eyes, contrasting with golden brown skin, thick dark hair, plump lips that give the girl a doll-like appearance, a thin, chiseled body , neat spout.

This is a rarity in the porn industry, because there girls go through a tough selection and usually undergo plastic surgery, striving to have huge, half-face eyes, preferably with false eyelashes, a puffy mouth, pale skin, high cheekbones, characteristic outlines faces, and that’s all, you probably have never seen such faces and bodies in porn videos.

As for the figure: Lanny is short, only 165 centimeters, half a centner of weight (fifty kilograms, if that). Her breasts are small, but even this small chest she enlarged to make one, so Lanny is probably naturally a flat figure. A misfortune for a porn actress. Although, by the way, small neat breasts look much neater than large ones if you take off the bra.

Lannie Barbie

Either despite such a memorable, attractive appearance, or just because she did not quite meet pornographic standards, the girl’s career developed slowly.

She was born on the twenty-ninth of August 1981, that is, she is now thirty-nine years old, according to the zodiac sign she is Virgo. Her real name is Annie Barbo, and she was born in Montreal, Canada, which explains the unusual name and surname for hearing American or English.

By the way, there is also Adrianna Barbo – an actress (just an actress, vulgar) and a writer. While Annie Barbo starred in porn films, Adrianna Barbo starred in sitcoms and comedies, and also voiced Catwoman in the animated series about Batman, which was released in the nineties. It’s up to you to decide whose fate is more enviable.

Lanny – then Annie – got into the world of adult entertainment early: at the age of eighteen she began acting, albeit in films with a small budget, but rather big ambitions. How and why she got into the world of the porn industry is unknown, but often they get there because of need.

For example, a story often happens when a girl from a small town moves to a bigger city, hoping to get an education, but her studies do not add up, she needs money, and she starts striptease, because these are night jobs that free up time for study during the day (and a young body is easier suffers lack of sleep), plus good money. It is very easy to go from striptease to erotic photo shoots, and from there it is a stone’s throw to filming pornographic videos.

Perhaps, the same story behind Lanny’s shoulders, but I would like to believe that not, because in this case it turns out that she started acting in erotic photo shoots before she was eighteen. Oops. The business of the porn industry has always teetered on the brink of legality.


As already mentioned, her career developed rather slowly. The first success came when she starred in a video with a porn actor under the pseudonym “Bruno B.” This video scattered across many Internet sites, which added to the girl’s popularity. It happened in 2002.

A year later, Lanny’s career gradually began to develop more and more actively. She began acting for men’s magazines, including very large representatives of this business, such as “Hustler” or “Penthouse”. By the way, “Penthouse” in June 2003 proclaimed her “pussy of the month”. Well, you can find Lanny’s pussy on the Internet in two clicks and evaluate in every detail, including depth and expandability.

By the way, in those years there was a lot of confusion with the names and pseudonyms of Lanny. It was recorded in different ways: Lanny Barbie (the most obvious), “Lannie Barbie”, “Leny Barbie”, “Lani Barby”, and as soon as they were not perverted.

Long or short, and Lanny managed to get married. Well, career success – career success, but you still want a husband, female happiness, and that’s all. She married a porn actor, an ardent Italian named Julian Andretti. It happened in 2005, when the girl was only twenty-four years old. Only twenty-four, and she is already conquering the peaks of the pornographic Olympus and getting married! Someone at twenty-four wants a Lego constructor for his birthday …

Shortly after the wedding, Lanny signed an exclusive contract with Vivid Entertainment, by the way, becoming the studio’s first Canadian actress. An exclusive contract means Lanny has lost the right to film for other studios until the contract expires – two years later.

Quite a dangerous practice, by the way, because in this case the studio can dictate its terms, having, ahem, an artist in the tail and in the mane. Figuratively speaking! Well, and not figuratively either. Breaking a contract usually costs a lot of money. In addition to creative collaboration, the same studio decided how to write and pronounce the name of the actress, and she finally became Lanny Barbie.

Lanny spent very little time in the porn industry: she started filming in 2001 and graduated in 2009, only eight years, but you can say she left a mark on the industry, if there are biographical articles about her like this.

As for her professional productivity: she managed to star in one hundred and twenty-four films in those eight years, that is, about fifteen and a half films a year, more than one film a month. Impressively, there are actresses who have starred in as many films over a much longer career as Lanny did over eight years. However, on the other hand, there are actresses who make films a week, so … There is room to grow!


Despite a rather short career, Lanny even managed to be awarded and nominated several times.

  • As stated, in June 2003, Penthouse magazine awarded Lanny the Best Pussy of the Month;
  • In 2006, her body was considered the hottest, and yes, she won this nomination. Quite rightly, her figure is really excellent.
  • In 2007, she was nominated for Best Female Actress in a Female Sex Scene by Vivid Entertainment.
  • And again, for the same thing, in 2009.

What Lanny is doing now is unknown.

What do you think?

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