Eternal questions that excite everyone in this universe. Are we alone in space? What will happen after death? Why the hell do girls go to the toilet together? ..

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Okay, actually, this is more often a myth. Or, at least, not only girls do this: well, in the end, just imagine – several men are sitting in a company. Several of them wanted to use the toilet. Well, will they wait until one descends, and dive one after the other along the chain? It’s absurd. They go together, still chatter about this and that during the performance of the rite over the urinal.

However, “why do men go to the toilet together?” For some reason no one is googling. They wanted to, so they go. But the girls google.

It’s just, you know, there is some strange tradition: to make fun of absolutely every action of the girls. You paint a lot – it means that you are not interested in anything but cosmetics, instead of brains, powder, a ton of jokes about how quickly men get together and how slowly girls. You don’t paint a lot – and, well, of course, a feminist offended by the whole masculine gender, a ton of jokes about forty cats, and in general you have neglected yourself. Decide already what you need!

Anyway. Asked – that’s the answer.


  • Safety.

The toilet is a quiet, secluded place where it is very easy to do something indecent. For example, harass, rape, threaten with a knife, and steal a purse. It is harder to do this in a crowd, but in a toilet it is easy. So they walk together, because the criminal will not climb on two girls, and if he does, he will be rebuffed.

  • Habit.

Formed at school. You know, the boys at school are still stunned, don’t you think? As soon as puberty hits their heads, how it begins: they pinch the girls in the corners, try to lift their skirts, put their hands under the blouse, see the bra. And yes – they burst into the toilets It is logical that the girls become banally safer to walk there together – it is easier to fight back. And then it becomes a habit.

  • It’s inconvenient to be alone.

It is logical that the girls do not go to their own home toilet together. Go to public. And public toilets are often still a place. For example, the doors to the booth may not close, and then a friend is needed to hold them, because trying to cope with natural need, while simultaneously holding the door ready to open, like the Russian soul, the door is still a pleasure.

  • Girlfriend is a hanger.

A little more about the inconvenience. Girls usually carry bags. Because pockets on women’s clothes are a long and very sad song. Perhaps the cry of Yaroslavna. Because, of course, there are no pockets on dresses (unfeminine!), But on trousers they are still not as big as on men, and a maximum of a phone and keys will fit in there.

Plus, women usually need to carry cosmetics with them – to freshen up their makeup at work or school, it is convenient to put essentials in a bag, pills for headaches, for cramps, hygiene items … Therefore, they go with bags.

And the bags need to be put somewhere in order to accomplish the sacramental. And hooks or stands in women’s toilets are provided, oh, as not always. That is, in more or less modern establishments such as shopping centers, clubs, restaurants – they are often provided, but educational institutions … Eh, it is better not to continue. And what kind of toilet is where the girl goes, she often does not know. So he is reinsured – he takes a friend with him so that there is someone to hold things.

  • Disgust.

And now everyone who eats and has a weak stomach stops reading and continues on to the next paragraph. In order for a girl to urinate, she still needs to sit down, because there is no truth in her legs. And not everyone wants to squat on the rim of the toilet in a public toilet, and they can still be understood.

And sometimes, in a public toilet, the toilet is absent as a phenomenon and is replaced by a beautiful picturesque hole in the floor. In this case, a friend substitutes a reliable shoulder and holds the other by the hands while she relieves herself. Why not put some toilet paper? – you ask. Because there is often no paper in the toilets either, this text will sadly answer you. And the sound is from the ending of “Yeralash”: param-param-pam-piu!

  • Enthusiasm.

Come on, like this has never happened with men!

The most common reason, perhaps. Just imagine: the university, two girls left the audience, where they ran out of pair, walk down the corridor, chattering about what kind of scum the teacher is and how severely he takes coursework on the development of related schizophrenia.

One or both of them wanted to use the toilet. Why leave at the door and wait, interrupting the conversation when you can walk in and continue? What did they not see each other there, after all?

  • Mutual assistance.

Sometimes girls go to the toilet not for the sake of natural need, but to fix their makeup or hair. The toilet is more convenient: it is quiet, bright lighting, there is a mirror – it is more convenient than somewhere in the semi-darkness, with all honest people, in a small mirror.

A friend here can help with makeup: throw in cosmetics if the girl has forgotten something, evaluate how it turns out, because the mirror in the toilet is large, it is inconvenient to lean towards it, so you need an opinion from the side – is the arrow drawn crooked, for example.

  • Selfie!

Yes Yes.

Well, firstly, the toilet in some cafes and clubs is somehow interestingly decorated, so I want to take a picture. And one – and why one, if you can with a friend? Moreover, they came together, so there will be a photo for memory.

Secondly, yes, a photo for memory. If the girls came to a club, a cafe, for example. There, the lighting is usually semi-dark, gloomy, to create an atmosphere, and people around, so they get out to the toilet – there the lighting is better.

Third, the lighting. Believe it or not, it is sometimes beautiful in the toilet, like in a fitting room. The girls liked the way they were reflected in the mirror, so they decided to take a picture.

Fourth … Oh, that’s all, in short, don’t ask, women’s logic and in general. To be honest, toilet selfies are a separate phenomenon that deserves all sorts of psychological analysis.

  • Leave an unpleasant company.

It happens that girls come, say, on a double date or to hang out in a company where there are guys. And the guys behaved inappropriately. Let’s say they drank, or, in principle, they have something wrong with the head. They behave aggressively, clearly insist on continuing the banquet in an intimate setting, persistently offer their drinks …

Girls may feel in danger and run to the bathroom to discuss a tactful retreat plan.

  • Shyness.

Probably, the guys reading this article (and it is obviously more for guys, girls rarely ask such questions) it will be incomprehensible, and many girls too (and thank God), but … Some girls are ashamed of their need to go to the toilet.

Most are embarrassed to do this alone with a man, they are embarrassed to say “I am now”, to slip away into the “room of thought”, realizing that the man understood what they were doing there, and, probably, hears the corresponding sounds. But there are girls who are also embarrassed to go to the toilet in a public place: it is common to look around, so that everyone understands what they are looking for. And together you can walk to the toilet, chatting casually and not showing any sign.


Yes, perhaps this is strange, but what to do.

  • Gaskets.

Another aspect of female physiology that many girls feel embarrassed about is the fact that they are having their periods. Imagine a situation: a girl is somewhere in a public place, say, on a couple. She felt blood pouring out of her. I realized with horror that I had forgotten the gasket at home. She leaned over to her friend to send an SOS signal. And-and-and many girls cannot just take a pad and go to the toilet with it – they are embarrassed to understand that everyone sees what they are holding in their hands and why, accordingly, they go there. So they go together – it’s not so embarrassing. They go and go, you never know.

So it goes. No secrets – just a banal desire to make yourself more comfortable or a little shy.

What do you think?

Written by Geekybar

Linguist-translator by education. I have been working in the field of advertising journalism for over 10 years.

For over 7 years in journalism. Half of them are as editor. My weakness is doing mini-investigations on new topics.


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