Francia James lights up her curves in a tight dress and causes a sensation among her followers

Image 1 179
Image 1 179

A few days ago Francia James managed to steal the attention of all her followers, after sharing 3 snapshots in an incredible outfit.

For the first photo, we find the model standing, while her spectacular hair is illuminated by the sun, and she wears a sensual lilac dress, perfectly accentuating her curves.

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France James

In the second image, France is in profile and leaning against the wall, allowing us to observe the great neckline of her dress, revealing her great charms, as well as her enormous rear.

Finally, the Colombian appears with her back leaning against the wall, staring at the camera, making us witnesses of the magnificent figure she possesses with her fitted outfit.

The model decided to accompany her post with a description in which we can read This is me in a dress, what do you think about it? ”, To which many of her fans gave him their opinion.

So far, James’ post already has more than 160 thousand likes, as well as thousands of comments from her loving followers, who always send her their compliments.



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