Flor Vigna imitated Britney Spears in The Academy and got all the praise

The actress and dancer presented with Facu Mazzei a medley of songs that delighted the jury, achieving the highest score so far.

Flor Vigna delighted the jury with her performance. Photo Instagram
Flor Vigna delighted the jury with her performance. Photo Instagram

Flor Vigna and Facu Mazzei took to the track of “La Academia” at ShowMatch ( El Trece ) with a performance by Britney Spears. They offered choreographies of their classics from the ’90s and they fascinated everyone.

With songs like “I ‘m a slave for you”, “Toxic”, “Oops I didnt again” and “Crazy “, the couple showed off on the track and accompanied the performance with typical outfits of the “princess of pop”.

The look chosen by Flor was a minimal jean shorts that left the navel exposed, a green bodice and blue and green ribbons up to the ankles, and semi-tall suede boots.

She completed the outfit with a wide belt with golden chains . while Facu dressed in a long black sleeveless overcoat and rubberized leggings to the tone, marking the contrast between the two.

Flor did not need any masks as she achieved an identical make up to Britney’s for her transformation and wore a great physical resemblance on the runway.

In the previous one that they starred in with Marcelo Tinell, Flor Vigna played to speak in English with the dancer as a translator and when the dance ended she confessed: “I don’t even know English” , with great grace.

And after dancing, the jury’s score arrived, with the return of Ángel De Brito, Carolina Pampita Ardohain, Jimena Barón and Hernán Piquín .

The jury’s score

The first to speak was De Brito: “You are unbeatable, insurmountable, you two and the whole team have chemistry. They are renewed but they have to give more than everyone else. But today, it left us all gasping for air . Congratulations”.

Then it was Carolina “Pampita” Ardohain’s turn: “Whenever I see that you are going to be there, I say today I’m going to see the show. They are always in everything, in the least and it shows on the track ”.

And he clarified: “They had a few moments because that can happen in a live. I loved it, it is a luxury to have this team on the track ”, he closed, although his vote is secret.

Flor Vigna imitated Britney Spears in The Academy and got all the praise

For her part, Jimena Barón, a big Britney fan, explained: “I declared that they are the best for me but they have a level from another planet. Since I was a girl she has been my idol, Britney was here ”.

“I loved the songs they chose. It was great and they fascinate me ”, he closed his score, giving it an eight as a note.

Hernán Piquín was the last to give his opinion: “Very nice, this is what it is about, what they gave, that they are in everything. When you carry passion inside, these things happen ”, and he scored a nine.

Thus, the couple of Flor Vigna and Facundo Mazzei got 27 points in total , becoming those who obtained the highest score in the round of imitations.

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