Dua Lipa posed in a bikini so tiny that it touched censorship, but she got all the praise

The singer showed more than she hid with a knitted swimsuit of a few centimeters.

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Dua Lipa is one of the hottest pop singers of the moment, and she doesn’t need anything else to stay relevant. However, she is back in the news every day for his shocking posts on Instagram , and this time, she surprised his followers when she brushed against censorship .

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Dua Lipa

Since summer began in the northern hemisphere, the artist decided to take a well-deserved break and enjoy the success of her second album, “Future Nostalgia ”, released last year.


During his vacations, she shared postcards in the sun from paradisiacal places, such as when she visited the coast of Albania, where she has roots, with his partner, the model Anwar Hadid.

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Instagram: @Dualipa

However, this time she dazzled from a much quieter but no less luxurious place, in front of a huge pool. Along with some friends, the singer was nourished by the sun’s rays and had fun on a relaxed day by the water.

Looking to the side, Dua Lipa posed in a tiny bikini that left her on the brink of censorship . She wore a very striking swimsuit, crocheted and adorned with cute and colorful designs, such as a flower, a plant and a rainbow.

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Instagram: @Dualipa

To complete the look, she chose a good number of accessories , all as particular as the outfit she was wearing. To cover himself from the sun, she used very futuristic neon pink sunglasses .

Continuing with this “fun” theme, she showed huge star-shaped earrings that hung from her ears.

Meanwhile, around her neck she wore a necklace loaded with stones of different colors, very similar to the bracelets she had on one of her wrists.

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Instagram: @Dualipa

In less than 10 hours, the publication surpassed 10 million likes and received thousands of comments from fans around the world of the singer, as well as from various artists.

For example, the musician Bebe Rexha wrote to him: ” Wow, awesome .” Also, representing the Latin American public, Isis Valverde, the actress who starred in Avenida Brasil , also appeared to flatter Dua Lipa. ” I love this bikini! “, Told him.


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