Do you smoke cigars? Check out Beyoncé’s new Instagram posts

Beyoncé’s two new posts on Instagram

Beyonce,Pop Artist

UNITED STATES.- Beyoncé , the princess of pop, has shared two posts on Instagram where she shows an extravagant ouftit. It is a pink bodysuit with gold details, which covers her entire body, brown sunglasses and gold pendant earrings, which match her clothes. Each of the posts includes a sequence of five photos, with the same outfit.


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Almost all photos are taken from a different angle, some with a full-body shot, some close-up, and two in profile. Within this sequence of images, one of them shows her sculpted pink and gold nails. Beyoncé , is a great fan of fashion, so she always seeks to combine her clothes with all her accessories, even with her nails.

Not all photos are modeled, in one of her publications, the singer photographed herself in profile, eating a canapé. The most curious thing about these new publications is that in one of them he shows his hands on top of five cigars, of the brand. “Montecristo”, originally from Havana, Cuba. This photo is published within the last post, which reached a million likes in just two hours.

Beyoncé, who many consider Madonna’s predecessor in the Pop genre, is among the five women in the world with the most number of followers on Instagram. The singer has a total of 176 million people who follow her, while she does not follow any account. His frequency of posts on his profile is generally every two or three days, and most of his photos reach more than two million likes.

Another of the social networks it uses is Twitter , although less frequently, where it has 15 million followers and follows ten accounts, nine of them are verified. Although at this point she couldn’t keep it up, Beyoncé was focused on keeping her Instagram feed in order. This has become a trend in this social network, which aims to publish three photos with a similar aesthetic, so that they are combined in the profile.


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