Celia Lora poses in her teddy underwear in the restroom

Celia Lora
Celia Lora

Celia Lora enraged her followers on Wednesday night when she posted a selfie of herself wearing charms.


The stunning 37-year-old model shared a photo of herself in teddy underwear on her Instagram account.

Celia Lora 2 | Geekybar
Instagram Photo Credit: Celi Lora



The photograph depicts Lex Lora’s daughter seated on a chair in what appears to be a bathroom. The Playboy model made a serious face at the camera while hiding her hands between her knees.


Celia Lora utilised natural makeup, huge earrings, and a bun in her hair to get this look.


Celia Lora 3 | Geekybar
Instagram Photo Credit: Celi Lora


“Come to me, I’ll look after you,”

At the bottom of the photograph, Celia Lora wrote.

Her post currently has 185 thousand likes and hundreds of comments from admirers and friends who like her attractiveness.

Celia Lora was the sixth person to be evicted from “La Casa de los Famosos,” where she was competing against other celebrities for a $200,000 prize (more than 4 million pesos).


Celia Lora 4 | Geekybar
Instagram Photo Credit: Celi Lora




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