Bethany Lily April surprises by modeling her jacket with nothing on under it

Without a doubt, in the 4 images the socialite manages to show off all her sensuality.

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LONDON. – 2 days ago Bethany Lily April stunned all her followers on Instagram, after posting 4 spectacular snapshots wearing a beautiful jacket.

In the first image the model appears standing, staring at the camera with her impressive blue eyes , while wearing her jacket, with nothing else underneath it, so when opening it slightly, it allows us to see her enormous charms.

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Inside the second photograph, the English woman is a little closer , while her jacket is even more open, revealing her spectacular bust.

The third and fourth photos are quite similar, since Bethany decides to put herself in profile, only that in the last snapshot the influencer gives us a beautiful smile .

Without a doubt, in the 4 images the socialite manages to show off all her sensuality, leaving more than one of her almost 4 million followers on Instagram breathless .

So far, the blonde’s post has managed to exceed 55 thousand likes , with thousands of comments from her fans, who never let any of her publications go unnoticed.



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