Secrets to keeping your plants perfect during quarantine

We reveal some secrets to you , which will renew the life of your plants during quarantine , do you already know them?

Secrets to keeping your plants perfect during quarantine. PhotoVix.
Secrets to keeping your plants perfect during quarantine. PhotoVix.

Being in quarantine will give you the necessary time, to take care of your plants, yes, those beautiful green beings that renew the oxygen of your home and that, fill each of its corners with balance and peace, so, we give you these tips, so that you take care of them, ready to start with these recommendations for your garden?

The perfect pot

Depending on your taste, space and plant , you must choose carefully the pot that will keep this green being in the best conditions of life and growth, so, look for one spacious enough so that its roots spread correctly. Remember that a clay pot dries water faster than metal or plastic ones, so give it more consistently.

Check that the pot you have chosen has the necessary holes for draining the water.

Choose thriving plants

It is always a good idea to get a plant of strawberries , aromatic herbs or spices, vegetables, trees and shrubs that bear fruit, because they will not only bring you oxygen, beauty and freshness, but even your own and personalized garden.

The perfect amount of light

Before buying the plant of your dreams, ask if it is shade or sun, and if you decide to buy two different ones, never mix them or one of them will die.

The art of irrigation

Plants directly planted in the ground and hanging plants require constant watering, so that they do not dry out, since the former run out after a day of intense heat, while the latter dries faster because it hits them the wind, so it is advisable to water them daily.

Good soil equals happy plant

Be very careful when choosing the land that will be the new house for your plant, because if buying a poor quality one could quickly harden, as is the case of the one used for the garden, it also compares the prices very well, so that you buy the best offer on the market.

Use fertilizer

Although some plant soils already contain long-acting fertilizer, try adding liquid fertilizer to them when you water them.

Replacement and renewal

If any of your plants are already depleted by the summer, it is no longer recommended to revive them, it is better to remove them and replace them with new ones, the idea is that you can reuse the pot and space, so that your garden looks renewed.

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Cleaning in late fall

You must ensure that, in late autumn, before winter begins, your plants are renewed, because, if they have died, it is better that you transform them into part of the compost in your garden.

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